The Human Bio-Plasmic Field By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-001The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-002The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-003The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-004The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-005The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-006The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-007The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-008The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-009The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-010The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-011The Human Bio-Plasmic Field-page-012

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3 thoughts on “The Human Bio-Plasmic Field By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.”

  1. Incredible Dr. Sarfarazi! Can you please summarize? (hehe) The amount of insight you have shared is clear profound; I feel like I need a year in your classroom, just to absorb this beautiful information and I have been working on chakras for nearly 25 years. Thank you

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    1. Hilary [mauiheart]: Bless you dear soul. I am delighted that you are resonating with the subject matter and my writings indeed. Obviously you are upshifting in your frequency and becoming increasingly enlightened relating better to the TRUTH of God. I am writing a new article on the subject today with particular reference to thought, creatorship and the crysto-electric cosmos neural network brain of God. And, there will be a couple more also discussing auric bleeding in detail.Stay posted.

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  2. You have put into words some of what I have explored through visions and working within a crystalline structure. Amazing work, thankyou so much… I was googling leakage between the auric layers when I found you, researching information for an vibrational essence I have co created.
    Blessings, Jasiraah

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