The Human Chakric and Auric System By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


The human energetic system as pertains to “chakras” and “aura” is briefly discussed. It is elaborated that human chakras are, in essence, particle accelerators that function as double cone system that spin in a reverse conical format drawing energies ‘in’ and ‘out’ of our energetic points within the body. They all extend filaments that operate in a liquid-crystal [plasmic] phase, bifurcating and blossoming into tree-like branches of secondary and higher order chakras that comprise our nervous system. In their simplest form, our chakric system is composed of 7 energetic particle accelerators that extend to a total of 12 when we achieve crystallinity. The chakras can further expand in tri-level modality from 12 in duality fields to 96 in the level 1; 144 in the Level 2; and to 240 in the Level 3 crystallinity. It is further elaborated that analogous to our earth’s magnetosphere, our etheric light-body is encased or surrounded by an Ovoid shell that is known as our Aura. This is an electromagnetic geometric energy field complete with a canvas-like textile-embroidered pattern of horizontal and vertical circuitry of opposing currents that extends up to 15 feet everywhere surrounding us. It is composed of 7 auric layers [in 3-D electromagnetic energetic fields], which increases to 20 layers when we obtain our full crystalline ‘Light bodies.’ Each layer is separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes lined with opposing currents to form a durable sheath lamina. Our auric system receives and auto projects colorful charged light energy particulates, not unlike the Aurora Borealis. It is further elaborated that our energetic system is ‘optimal’ and ‘complete’ when it achieves The Sacred Ratio of 13-20-33. When this frequencial resonance is ideally achieved, our chakras act as aligned nodal points in full circuitry, functioning as perfect helical intake and outtake receivers and transmitters – as perfect vortex centers – as optimal intra-dimensional conduits of connectivity. This gives rise to an optimal healthy human auric field, which is a prime example for the ‘etheric body’ composed of stealth matter that connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter. Unfortunately, our aura commonly develops micro-cracks in its external layers, which can lead to leakage, thus giving rise to auric energetic depletion. In conclusion, a brief discussion of the phenomenon of ‘auric leakage’ is presented with further details being postponed for treatment in other companion papers.


  • There are certain energy distribution points within our bodies that are called “Chakras.”
  • The human chakra system is composed of a double coned shape that respectively receives and transmits energy particles within its structure.human chakra - slide
  • Each chakra actually acts as a particle accelerator.
  • This process generates a ‘to’ and ‘fro’ helical path that operates with a conical spin.
  • In the 3-D, we have 7 distinct primary chakras that correspond to different points of life energy distribution within our bodies.The 7 Human Chakras
  • They all extend filaments that operate in a plasmic crystal phase.
  • The chakras bifurcate and blossom into tree-like branches of secondary and higher order chakras, giving rise to our nervous system.NadiNadi - major 3
  • These 7 primary chakras are lined up along our spinal cord and are respectively from bottom to top: The root, the sex, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the pineal gland, and the crown chakras.Sushumna Nadi Pingala
  • The root chakra is located at our bottom, the sex at our genital, the solar plexus about an inch over our belly button, the pineal gland between the two eyes towards the bottom of our brain, and the crown at the top of our head-where we had a soft opening in our babyhood between the two distinct sides of our skull/brain.Root Chakra and  3 Nadi
  • The pineal gland is usually called “the third Eye,” or “the seat of soul,” which connects us to the ethereal and beyond the physical realm of existence.
  • The chakras extend sensory filaments, which provide a means for DNA transference into sequential matter/dark matter/antimatter.Sushumna NadiRight Nadi Pingola 2Left Nadi Ida
  • This process occurs through a ‘to’ and ‘fro’ helical path with a conical spin.Ida Pingala end in Pineal
  • In its initial level, there are 7 active chakras, which can be progressively activated to 12 as light quotient is increased.
  • Expansion is an analogous process that has something of an induction domino effect.Sushumna Ida Pingala Nadi
  • One light turns on the next.
  • The primary longitudinal axial current is received through the 7th chakric vortex [the crown] and reaches the pituitary.
  • From there on it proceeds to to induce secondary and tertiary currents at certain angles.
  • The chakras can expand from 12 in duality fields to 96 in the level 1; to 144 in the Level 2; and to 240 in the Level 3.
  • They are free to move about in a plasmic movement, yet constantly remain angularly oriented to the geometry and crystalline currents of the field.
  • The ‘lower chakras’ in physical form, relate to survival, sexuality and emotion.
  • However, they expanded in terms of functional frequency in the crystalline light body phase.
  • Sexual polarity/gender does not exist in the higher celestial beings.
  • Gender does occur in certain extra-terrestrial civilizations that exist in stealth (dark or invisible) matter and antimatter such as the Pleaidians and Sirians.
  • However, it is not function in the same fashion in terms of survival as it is in the case of earthly humans.
  • It is far less polar, and does not have the hard physical drive associated with human biology.


  • Our main-stream academics understand that the planet earth is surrounded by an egg-shaped shell or Ovoid, called the Magnetosphere.Earth's Magnetosphre 2
  • Likewise, our etheric light-body in encased in an Ovoid aura, similar to the Magnetosphere of our planet.Human Aura - new science
  • So, there is an energy field encompassing our body that is known as our Aura.Our Auric Field-revised
  • It is an Ovoid field complete with a canvas-like textile-embroidered pattern of horizontal and vertical circuitry of currents.The Human Auric Shape
  • There are 7 auric layers associated with our 3-D electromagnetic energetic fields, which in turn, increase to 20 layers when we obtain a crystalline Light body.Human Auric Fields
  • Each layer is separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes each lined with opposing currents to form a durable sheath lamina.
  • This is an electromagnetic energy field surrounding us in the Ovoid geometrical domain extending as much as 15 feet everywhere about us with additional 2-3 ft above our head as well as below our feet.
  • Every physical being generates this field.
  • It expands as the one grows in consciousness.
  • The auric system receives and auto projects charged [ionic] energy particulates, which can illuminate us like the Aurora Borealis [Northern Lights].Aurora Borealis
  • Our Aura describes our inner emotional standing.
  • Each particular color in its constitute colorful spectrum of Light energy represent a particular status of our mental and emotional energy.
  • Our Aura can expand or contract depending on how we maintain our energetic field.
  • Usually negative thoughts and emotions are dissipative and joyful and inspiring thoughts and emotions are indications of high and healthy energetic status of our being.
  • We constantly receive “life” energies from outside, which primarily come to us via the energies emitted by our sun.
  • Despite common notion that sun is a molten rock of energy lava, it is simply a gateway to other higher suns and, in turn, black and while holes that process the very matter to antimatter and vice versa.
  • These energies are ultimately stored in the central galactic sun, Alcyone, which magnifies and disseminate them to other suns.
  • Our sun, in turn, receives these solar energies in form of a soup of charged ionic plasma and photons and disperses them within our solar system.
  • Being only 3 planets away from our sun we happen to get a fairly good share of such energies.
  • Our planet earth, in turn, also has her own Ovoid Auric Field.
  • It Stretches from Northern to Southern Hemisphere and around the equator encompassing the electromagnetic energies of our earth.
  • This auric field of earth [the magnetosphere] helps deflect any harmful particles that may reach the earth’s atmosphere beyond the shielding layers of ionosphere and other protective energetic grids existing in the stratosphere.
  • When fully crystalline, the optimal healthy human auric field constitutes our etheric body.
  • It is composed of stealth matter, and connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter.
  • It is quite complex.

Our New Crystallinity

  • When we ascend to the higher realms (e.g. 5th dimensional plane), our electromagnetic energy field is upgraded to a crysto-electric field, a much higher frequency energy field that commemorates with our newly acquired light crystalline body.Crystal Light Body
  • Our carbon-based amorphous body will be replaced by a crystalline silicate shell, which is not only much less dense and therefore light; but also made of precise crystalline matter that is not easily prone to infection from bacteria, virus, or fungi, and is defect-free lasting you thousands of years.
  • This kind of body is more appropriate to our life style as no longer we will go through reincarnation and re-birthing whatsoever.
  • Our ego is no longer necessary and thus dies together with our futile carbon-based body.
  • There is no longer any duality in the 5th and above dimensions (termed as the proverbial heaven).LightBody 2
  • There is only good and not evil.
  • There is no place for any kind of dissipative negative energies.
  • There is only unconditional love, compassion, light and honesty.Unity consciousness- compassion
  • Our genetic make-up is resurrected to the original 12 DNA strand system giving us the potentiality for Telepathy, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Clair-touch, Syntheses, Teleportation, Thought-induced manifestation, and such.Light Codes-12  DNA Activation-5th Avatar Bodies
  • Our number of chakras increases from 7 to 13 chakras [with one encompassing the full 12 to make 13] also triggering the Diaphragm, Thymus, Pituitary gland, Well of Dream, as well as activating our Galactic Female/Galactic Male chakras within our new Auric System.
  • Our aura expands significantly with additional layers to a maximum of 20 layers accommodating our new highly potent electro-crystalline energy system.
  • As we acquire crystalline bodies, our polarity based electromagnetic etheric energy field is no longer able to sustain the greater requisite frequency of the crystalline light, and will, therefore, collapse.
  • Our developed crystalline field will, indeed, be capable of holding this energy, and transporting us within and without it.
  • New frontiers are opening to us in the ascension of earth , giving us greater dimensional access and thus invoking our multidimensionality.
  • All of us will expand our power of intuition, beyond imagination.
  • Some will choose to remain in 3-D by virtue of denial and lack of participation in the ascension process.
  • But these individuals will, indeed, miss the true nature of ‘life consciousness,’ which is to explore the vast realms of the Omniverse Cosmos, beyond the limited domain of earth.
  • This is not to mention those realms within and without the body of earth that humanity has not even initiated to explore, including the vast and magical realm of deep under the oceans and the seas.

The Sacred Ratio of 13-20-33

  • The optimal human aura expands through this process until it achieves full functionality in the 13-20-33 ratio: Twelve Chakric layers that form one 12+1=13; 20 auric layers that exist in antimatter, and the amplified integral Cosmic system represented by the Fibonacci sequence of 33.
  • This system often takes many lifetimes to achieve.
  • And once this Fibonacci sequence of 13-2-33 is accomplished, it serves as a certification, qualifying man to upshift and graduate into his/her Light Body.
  • Therefore, the sequence of 13-20-33 is the key frequencial combination that resonates and unlocks the entry into crystallinity.
  • When the frequencial resonance of the 13-20-33 ratio is optimally obtained, the chakric system becomes in full functional circuitry acting as vortex centers that operate with helical intake and outtake as receivers/transmitters and conduits for intra-dimensional connectivity, as perfect aligned nodal points for conducting the plasmic energy currents.
  • And, as the chakras begin to light up in ta manner of ‘domino effect,’ increasing from 7 to 12 and then interface with the crystalline auric layers sequentially [8 to 12 to 20 layers] and increase to 96, 144, and finally 240, they illuminate the body into a Crystalline Light Body vehicle.

Auric Energetic Leakage

  • The optimal healthy human auric field gives rise to the advent of etheric body.
  • It is composed of stealth matter, and connects both into both dense bio-molecular physical matter and into antimatter.
  • However, there is a phenomenon that may be termed ‘auric microcracking,’ which refers to a condition when our aura develops microcracks in its auric layers [skin], leading to leakage and the diminishing of the extent of contained auric energies.auric microcracking
  • Ordinarily, there are 7 auric layers associated with our 3-D electromagnetic energetic fields.
  • These, in turn, increase to 20 layers when we obtain a crystalline Light body.
  • The auric micro-cracks can elongate and open in cleavage through the depth of the auric skin to penetrate substantially as to give rise to auric depletion and energetic leakage.
  • The human aura tied to the electromagnetic grid cannot sustain the higher frequencies associated with the field of crystalline energy.
  • The extensive emission of the sun’s electromagnetic energies that reach and expand our auras can ironically lead to auric microcracking and leakage, giving rise to auric energetic depletion.
  • We usually do not utilize our electromagnetic energies effectively.
  • Our aura is a closed container, and is therefore, only capable of storing and accommodating a limited amount of energy.
  • Ordinarily, this is not a problem as we commonly receive what we can accommodate and utilize the energy during normal course of our life in 3-D existence.
  • However, recently, during the past two decades, beginning with two years after the Harmonic Converge Inception [1989]  we have been progressively receiving a tremendous amount of divine energies in order to help earth and her inhabitants ascend to the 5th dimensional plane of existence.
  • This process is accelerating even more, beginning with the year 2009.
  • The phenomenon of auric energetic leakage as a result of excessively received electromagnetic energies through sun’s emission as well as additional portal openings are particularly indigenous to such befalling.
  • The Crystalline Age is now upon us, and the duality system will hopefully become obsolete soon as a result of this frequencial expansion.
  • As such, both our physical bodies and our auric systems are demanding greater and greater focus as earth approaches this dimensional graduation.
  • Indeed, the increasing frequencies of the planet are requiring mankind’s transition to this tri-level modality [8/12, 12/12, 20/12 auric-chakric expansion] of crystalline multidimensional Light Body function.
  • Humanity needs to recognize that the old auric system is unable to carry the increasing crystalline light energy of the planet.
  • The natural frequency of the earth, the Schumann Resonance, continually increases as a result of bombardment of the divine energies during this special time in earth’s history.
  • Therefore, there is always differential pressure waves developing at the boundary between the inside and the outside of our auric field due to considerably lower natural frequencies of vibration within our auric bodies {see references 1-2].
  • This differential pressure is catalyst in creating these auric microcracks, culminating in a redistribution of energy waves within and without our auric system, which leads a re-balancing, and our synchronization resonance with the newly acquired earth Schumann Resonance.
  • As a result of the aforementioned form of development of pressure differential, auric stress/strain overload is occurring.
  • This, in turn, leads to micro-cracking, leakage, and energetic depletion of aura.
  • These are commonly referred to as ascension disorders, leading to sever discomfort.
  • If unrecognized, these can lead to energy loss, chronic fatigue and depression, and humanity can, consequentially, remain tied to 3-D functionality, with little chance of auric expansion, frequency upshift and multidimensional consciousness.
  • Indeed, 21 December, 2012 appeared as just another day for the vast majority of mankind.
  • But, for the inspired minority that chose to develop crystalline light bodies, quantum leaps in consciousness occurred and, indeed, is ongoing.
  • The cracking of the auric field during this time of pre-ascension in inevitable and unavoidable.auric bleeding 2
  • Due to receiving increased energies from the sun and their consequent accommodation by our auric system, actually new layers of energy develop in the outskirt of the auric field, which are very much analogous to the re-skinning and shedding of the old skin by snakes and such animals.
  • As a result, the capacity of our auric field for accommodation of excess energies increases through developing more auric layers and expansion of the Ovoid field.
  • As to the 3-D paradigm of living, any negative energy dissipation particularly as fear, anxiety, worrying, anger, violence, jealousy, greed, ego-based apprehension, etc. are also responsible for auric energetic depletion through auric microcracking and energy leakage.
  • Ordinarily, excessive electromagnetic energy reception cannot lead to depletion of auric energy as the overstretching of the auric outer layers cannot occur due to man’s abusive negative energy dissipation through the aforementioned mechanisms.
  • Ironically, maintaining spirituality and avoidance of lower-chakra energy dissipation does, indeed, provide the means for auric microcracking.
  • However, it is all for the best as first of all prevention of the considerable decrease in natural frequency as a result of non-spirituality and low-chakra activities circumvents the extent of auric microcracks due to development of lower differential energy pressure waves at the outer aura.
  • Secondly, with any transformation comes correction, cleansing, or ‘clearing,’ and this example constitutes the very essence of such clearing.
  • The same is happening to earth through advents of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activities, etc., which serves the cleansing of earth and restoring to its previous pristine condition during the ‘time’ of Eden.
  • It is through this mechanism of microcracking and additional auric layer development that correction and further strengthening occurs as to generate forward evolution, which leads to a considerably better auric system, one worthy of interacting with and accommodating the much higher electro-crystalline energetics of the future.
  • For more details on auric energetic leakage and microcracking the reader is referred to companion articles on this subject published herein [The Human Physiology and Energetic System blog].

Recapitulation: The Symbiotic Matter-Antimatter Relation

  • Just as our planet’s electro-magnetic grid is collapsing as it is transformed to a crystalline grid, so is our polarity based etheric energy field collapsing due to its inability to hold the much greater frequency of crystalline light energy.
  • A symbiotic relationship exists between our etheric field [matter] and the crystalline photonic body of light [anti-matter] with a coupling effect integrating the levels of the matter with the antimatter, respectively.
  • This  interdependence and interface of matter-antimatter and vice versa is the primary work function of our chakras.
  • Chakras are, in essence, light particle accelerators that open and close sequentially, interfacing matter with antimatter and vice versa.
  • There is mutual attraction between the bio-plasma and physical-bio-molecular bodies, and this occurs through the double coned receiving and transmitting chakras.
  • Matter / Antimatter and Bio-Energy Plasma life exist in varying layers of dimensional resonance, frequency and intensity as manifested within the laminated structure of our aura.
  • Each layer is separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes each lined with opposing currents to form a durable lamina sheath, constituting an auric boundary [or skin].CME - cosmic ionization damages aura




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  1. Dr.Sarfarzi, thank you…ive been reading/searching for 6 months, hours and hours (then meditaing, im new) trying to “see it” in words.. i have so many questions yet so so many were answered just by the two articles i have read by you today…clarity brought tears and thank you for writing, sharing, explaing..thank you. Your an excellant author and mind, i understood, finally. Namastě.


    1. Bless you dear Tiffeny. I am delighted that you are resonating with the material presented in my articles. You are on the path of enlightenment and do not hesitate to express your self by asking questions. You can join my facebook wall or comment herein.


      1. What is your source for “•Gender does occur in certain extra-terrestrial civilizations that exist in stealth (dark-or invisible) matter and antimatter such as the Pleaidians and Sirians.”


      2. Gender does occur in Pleaidians and Sirians yet it is not as driven or pronounced as it is in earthlings. Arcturians are totally androgynous. I am an ‘aspect’ of Lord Metatron on Earth, reincarnated as a male. Fathered 3, yet I have integrated the polarity aspects of my male/female energies, right/left brain. I am here to enlighten you and help you ascend as a Light worker.

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  2. Dear sir this such a master article so important to explain scientifically of everything of our evolution from Human Race to Super God !!


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