The Chakric-Auric System, Thoughts, Creationism, and their Relevance to the Omnipotent Crysto-Electric Cosmos By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is elaborated that as humans in duality, we have become so filtered from our true identity that we no longer recognize our creatorship, and that, the Crysto-electric energy field that we refer to as our ‘aura’ constitutes the very essence of our existence, and not our temporary physical shell. Furthermore, it is indicated that our senses are the projectors and not receivers, thus everything we sense through our 5-sensory perception does not already exist, but rather actually created by our very senses. It is elucidated that our chakric centers are the mechanisms of thought-particle-accelerators that are responsible for our mental creation, and that everything that we sense is a manifestation of our individual and group ‘thought construction.’ Ultimately, our aura is the vehicle that propels us with forward evolution, and thus it is of paramount importance that our auric system is properly maintained and cared for. It is explained that our auric system is a constituent part of the neural network of the Crysto-electric COSMOS that may be perceived as the omnipotent brain of God that operates through Coherent Light, and that, at a ‘local’ level, a symbiotic relation exists between our energetic system and that of our planet, which serves as the body for our ‘oversoul.’ It is further elaborated that Coherent crysto-light energy can emanate from a master healer hands through projection and beaming of the personal chi into the patient’s body resulting in healing, and that, such phenomena as psychic telepathy, remote viewing, and bi-location occur instinctively in “group consciousness” as a result of the divine level of consciousness. By the same token, ‘channeling’ is a phenomenon that MOSTLY occurs as a result of enhanced communication with the ‘attuned’ Divine SELF WITHIN. Finally, a brief account of usage of crystals and gems as potent tools for shielding and fortifying the human Crysto-Electric aura is given.


  • There is more to mankind than meets the eye.
  • Although, the concentrated focus of humanity is on physical body, in fact, this only constitutes a small portion of our existence.form is an illusion
  • The truth of the matter is that man has ethereal bodies as well as the physical body.
  • While the physical body is readily visible, the ethereal body is stealth and cannot be freely detected via the usual 5-sensory perceptions.
  • The ethereal body can be further broadly sub-classified into the mental and the emotional, bodies.Our 7 Distinct Bodies
  • Our senses are projectors and not receivers.
  • The core problem humanity has in comprehending this great Truth is due to the fact that we believe that every vision, sound, smell, taste, and touch we physically sense pre-exists in a 3D world.
  • But, they do not.
  • The fact is our senses are not developed to enable awareness of a pre- existing material world, but rather to actually create it.
  • Indeed, everything we sense is a manifestation of our individual and group ‘thought construction.’Holographic Earth Station
  • All of our senses, all of our chakric centers are mechanisms of mental creation, thought-particle-accelerators that create or form all that we sense around us.
  • Our chakras and senses not only interpret what we see, smell, taste, touch and hear, they are the very creation tools we utilize in creating and manifesting them into material expression.You create your reality - Powerful Creator
  • Archangel Metatron is the governor of the ‘Stellar Gateway’ chakra situated about 3 feet above the top of the head, which begins to open as we develop spiritually.
  • As humans in duality, we have become so filtered from our true identity that we no longer recognize our creatorship.
  • We are immortal beings of the Divine. We are nonphysical.

You are of Family of Light 2

  • What we call the auric field is much closer to our actual essence than the biological clothing we temporarily wear.
  • The sub-conscious mind, not the ego-brain, is our greater identity.
  • We are only here in physical reality to master the lessons of physical duality world.Game Over
  • To learn our creatorship we must first maintain the non-physical energy system we term as the aura, which is the foundation for our prime physical existence.
  • Our aura is the vehicle that allows us to progress forward on our path of evolution.
  • An optimally maintained aura has an inexhaustible energy.
  • This energy is a projection of the divine SELF that we can learn to express physically.auric bleeding
  • This energy, held in storage, is first passed into an intact Auric Field.
  • When it carries that energy, it is the very essence of creatorship.
  • It is the gas in the tank of creatorship.
  • And, this tank must not have leaks in order to take us very far in physicality in which we inhabit.
  • However, taking and holding our power is a complex process.
  • Thought is the creation energy, which is converted and fed into the Crysto-Electric Field we call our aura, and is then held there for utilization.
  • It is uniquely the requisite fuel for physical manifestation.
  • But, it must be contained intact before it can ‘flow’ for utilization.
  • The subconscious mind is the gateway for creative thought energy manifestation fed into our conscious mind.
  • The energy required for manifestation in the material world is ethereally, semi- physicality, contained within the capacitor of the Auric Field.
  • It contains the appropriate frequencies of ‘power’ that is used to drive our Will. 

Our Chakric-Auric System as a Constituent Part of the Omnipotent Conscious Crysto-electric Cosmos

  • The energy that is contained in our auric system is an electromagnetic current, yet it does not have the electromagnetic characteristics that we envision in terms of duality.
  • The auric energy is of a ‘liquid’ crystalline characteristic, yet it ‘flows’ as a current not unlike what is seen in polarity systems.
  • Crysto energy flows through our conical vortex chakric system, which is branched out into the ‘meridians.’Our Energetic systems
  • It takes on the properties of crysto-coherent particle streams, very much like the laser light.
  • It functions in trinity level crystallinity.
  • It is analogous to the energy that flows through Phi Crystals, which is coherent, and intelligible.
  • Our chakra vortices are multi-receptive but are also act as transmitters.
  • They constitute our greater ties into group soul-consciousness and systems of Omni-Earth and Multiverse Cosmos.
  • Just as we have a neural network composed of neural filaments and nerve fibers in our human brain, there are, indeed, similar networks in the sequential multiverses of the living cosmos.
  • These neural networks exist and act as information conduits communicating by electric-like ‘currents.’
  • Psychic telepathy and remote viewing can transpire spontaneously as a result of the divine-level consciousness as “group consciousness.”Unity Consciousness
  • Indeed, these ensue through connectivity to the neural networks [plasmic filaments] of the living cosmos or natural energy we call God.
  • This may be viewed as the brain of God, the ‘All That There Is.’
  • Therefore, we are ALL living in a cosmos that, in effect, is an omnipotent brain.
  • Indeed, there exist ‘cosmic neural passageways’ that constantly send information to and through our RNA.
  • In fact, it is through such a mode of operation, through filament current conduits, which such phenomena as remote viewing and bi-location occurs.
  • Neither bi-location nor remote viewing truly involve physicality.
  • They both involve processing of information codes that are received through the cosmic neural access corridors.
  • These communicate with our RNA through our crystallized pituitary and pineal glands.Clearing, cleansing, RRA, and Multidimensionality
  • These codes of information are transmitted or conducted by the neuronal networks in matter/anti-matter and dark plasma in which the Omni-Earth is contained.
  • What this means is that a system is in place, and there is a readily available structure that we can, with effort, purposefully evolve into.
  • In terms of the Metatronic keys, the learning of the tri-level MerKiVic system is essential, as we must first ascend to higher levels of consciousness.
  • The greater we expand into MerKiVic levels, the greater energy we carry, which must be resolvedly contained.
  • We must be able to govern our energy field, and moderate the power within through mental balance and self-discipline.
  • Through the development of the crystalline light body tri level MerKiVic system, we readily access greater consciousness that gives us the capability to navigate within a realm of higher dimensionality.

Crystalline Light Body and its Use

  • Our crystalline light body interacts with all three tiers modality [referred to as type one to three in the Metatronic Keys].
  • And, for those of us who are, indeed, prepared to achieve full level of consciousness in the tri level system of Crystalline Light Bodies, the information is available, and indeed, accessible, in dream state.Release of Fear - Dream State
  • Remember that polarity does not exist during such nightly sojourns.
  • Concerted effort is required to develop awareness into the Crystalline ‘Light-Body’ System.becoming crystalline
  • The old polarity is obsolete and does not function in these dimensions.
  • Currently, the polarity grid [the electromagnetic grid] is collapsing as the Crystalline Grid comes into play and as it gains full energy.Crysto-electric Grid
  • Understanding the phenomenon of Crystalline Light Body is of paramount importance as we ascend in these new energies.
  • The growth and utilization of coherent crysto-light energy is predominantly useful to healers.
  • Within the context of Metatronic keys these crystalline energies can be established and refined by adept master healers in Levels 2 and 3 of the MerKiVa and MerKaNa.
  • Coherent crysto-light energy can emanate from a MerKaNic master healer hands through projection and beaming of the personal chi into the patient’s body.5 Centuries of Healing Practice
  • Through developing and fine-tuning such a technique, we can re-acquaint ourselves with abilities that once were pronounced and readily available to us, thus propelling us to a distinct level of medicine and patient care.
  • Furthermore, that which is referred to as ‘channeling,’ can also occur through this very same process.
  • However, it needs to be emphasized here that channeling is MOSTLY the result of enhanced communication with the Divine SELF WITHIN, and not purportedly through such entities as Archangels or Ascended Masters, etc.
  • Our Auric System is quite complex, and operates at the base level of pre-MerKiVa, in the Metatronic teachings.

Prerequisite of MerKiVa

  • The optimal healthy human auric field defines the etheric body.
  • It is composed of stealth matter, and connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter in parallel.
  • The auric system receives and auto-projects charged energy particulate, which occurs somewhat like the Aurora Borealis [northern lights].
  • Every physical being generates this field.
  • And, it expands as the biological human grows in consciousness.
  • Yet, the aura on its own does not constitute the Geometric Light Body.
  • It is an Ovid, complete with a tapestry of horizontal and vertical currents and circuitry.
  • In its initial level, it operates through the 7 basic active chakras, and 7 layers of sheet lamina.
  • However, this number increases progressively to 12 active chakras and to 20 auric layers of laminates as our light quotient is increased.
  • Expansion is an analogous process that has something of a domino effect.
  • One light turns on the next.
  • The primary longitudinal axial current is received through the 7th chakric vortex, and assimilated through the pituitary to induce secondary and tertiary currents at specific angles.
  • Our developed MerKiVic field is, indeed, capable of holding this energy, and transporting us within and without it. 

Symbiotic Relation between the Crysto Electric Cosmos and our Aura

  • The human biology generates an electromagnetic field similar to that of the earth.
  • The human aura is now shifting into a Crysto-Electric Field, with greater and different arrays of circuitry, frequency, and colors.
  • Similarly, the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere are being upgraded.
  • 2012 was an extreme year of shift.
  • 2012 was a glorious intense time of great frequencial dynamism.
  • As the 144 Crystalline Grid completed on the 12-12-12, frequencies became greatly accelerated.
  • It is now a prolific time.Ascension did occur - updated 2
  • Energies are bombarding the planet in an intelligent and divine benevolence that are now bathing the earth, the grid, and humanity.
  • It is the coronal mass ejections, gamma energy and a harmonic showering from the planets, moons and stars, from other sources that are responsible for such in-flood of omnipotent energies.CME Changes Frequency
  • They occur in a quantum manner.
  • Their source is hyper and multidimensional.Plasmic Shift-Crystalline Grid - Acceleration 2
  • It is divine intelligence.
  • Strong correlations have been recorded between the state of the earth’s auric field and its effect on the auric field of human beings.
  • Generally, a symbiotic relation exists between the two.
  • Anything that changes the earth’s field also affects us.
  • As such, our human aura must now convert to Crysto-Electric in order to be able to optimally become advanced in crysto-electric energies to manage the stress levels otherwise imposed upon its bodies a result of differential pressures developing within and without.
  • The new circuitry of the aura operates in Coherent Light.laser - coherent light- revised
  • This is why Auric Maintenance is the cornerstone of the teachings provided in the Metatronic Keys.

Utilization of Crystals and Gems

  • The use of living gems and coherent phi crystals are important tools in this process.Crystal - Vogel Phi Function
  • It is advisable to study the energies offered by single refractive, double refractive gems as taught in establishing the ‘Metatronic Energy Shield’ applicable to the Crysto-Electric aura.
  • These not only fortify the Crysto-Electric aura, but also symbiotically assist and enable the ‘biological coherence shift ‘that can now be more effectively projected from within each human cell, and indeed, the human heart in the crystalline age we call the ‘Ascension Era.’
  • Those who are in a more incoherent state are more affected by changes in the earth’s field; while those in a coherent state are capable of managing the shift without auric circuitry disruption through mechanical equalization of the exterior increase in the Schumann resonant ‘standing waves’ on our planet.Ascension- Expand Consciousness
  • Saturn plays a key role, as does our moon.
  • The piezoelectric gems as well as the opal are extremely helpful in the Saturnian and Lunar shifts, molding the energy of the Ascending Earth. 


  • Our etheric body interfaces via our chakras, which are, in essence, Vortexial organs, in a sense focal particle accelerators, which form open cones into the field of antimatter.
  • Matter-Antimatter and Bio-Energy Plasma life exist in varying layers of dimensional resonance frequency and intensity.
  • It is quite beyond us in duality to comprehend the vast complexity and dimension of the crysto-electric nature of creative energy as it exists.
  • Lord Metatron indicates that this is something that will become known to humans within the next three generations.
  • Generally speaking, everything we sense is through thought.
  • Every thought is a totally unique geometric rhythm translated into crystalline electrics and pulsed from Creation into Mind into physicality through a multifarious dimensional passageways.
  • Every particulate, every aspect of our experience is gathered together in unique specific bands of crystal-light intensity.
  • Each thought we have, each instinct and compulsion we have is concisely composed of a distinguished intensity and impulse frequency.
  • In summary, we all exist in one infinitesimal band, one spectrum of divine intensity.
  • We are Divine Beings with aspects that are both finite and infinite.
  • New frontiers are opening to us in the Ascension of Earth into greater dimensional access.
  • Those that choose to remain in 3D can, indeed, do so. But, they will, indeed, miss the opportunity to make bold strides in understanding not only the true nature of ‘life consciousness,’ but also the vast realms of the Omniverse Cosmos, including the Earth itself.
  • Yet, all of us with employing our inherent power of intuition can reach beyond and conceive the energies at play at this remarkable time in our planet’s history.
  • Our responsibilities increased in 2012, but there are still many who are oblivious to this shift.
  • There are now more opportunities of mastery in the ongoing expansion.
  • The changes coming through the mechanisms of the Ascension are for our benefit.
  • We are changing our etheric skin in order to evolve and incorporate these superb sprawling qualities.
  • And, the maintenance of our Auric Field is the most important issue that not only most currently do not realize, but one that needs to be emphasized further and, indeed, kept in crystal clear perspective.

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