Dawn of Ascension Episode 4, Human Bio-Plasmic and Energetic System by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Episode 4 [April 19, 2015] Dawn of Ascension Show on CCN hosted by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi: Our Bio-Plasmic and Energetic Field


Topics of Discussion

  • Recap of Episode 3:
  • More to mankind than meets the eye
  • Beyond physicality: soul, spirit
  • Awakening from slumber: futility of Darwinism or question of form
  • Beyond physical: ethereal existence [stealth]
  • Immortality: longevity of ethereal consciousness
  • ‘Constitution:’ Matter-Dark Matter-Antimatter
  • Plasma: Charged particles present throughout the cosmos -4th or 1st state?
  • Recap of episode 2:
  • Matter-antimatter conversion: flashes of consciousness]
  • Recap of Metatronic engine of consciousness, wheel of consciousness
  • Parallel [alternate] dimensions. Omni Earth, Omni Verse
  • [Higher] Frequency and dimensions
  • Quantum Black holes and white holes
  • Holograms of Reality – the NOW moment
  • This episode: energetic system
  • Physical body: a very small portion of our existence
  • Ethereal body: hybrid of matter-antimatter
  • Micro Cosmos: The human bio-plasmic and energetic system
  • [Our senses: projectors not just receivers –everything we ‘sense’ do not pre-exit – we ‘create’ them
  • But Creation through thought construction subject of another show]
  • Our carbon body’s interface with our etheric body of bio-plasma through our ‘aura’
  • The ‘auric field’ [beyond physical energy system]: much closer to our actual essence than our temporary physical bodies
  • Optimal-healthy auric energy: projection of the divine SELF
  • ‘Optimally maintained aura:’ inexhaustible source of energy – interaction with infinite free energy of the macro cosmos
  • Aura: One physical body but [initially] 6 ethereal bodies
  • Ethereal bodies: stealth to 5-sensory perceptions
  • 6 Ethereal Bodies: etheric, emotional [astral], thought, causal, spiritual, light body
  • Duality filtering our TRUE identity [our ‘Angelic’ form]
  • Our higher multidimensional form: living in the invisible liquid crystalline light in the Cosmos:
  • Crystalline light: plasma pool of ordered-coherent charged consciousness particles
  • ‘Dark [in terminology of NASA] matter’ –‘body’ not of carbon-based chemical as on duality earth – crystalline silicate-based
  • The Crysto-electric field of complex Bio-Plasma:
  • Our Star tetrahedron body: a hybrid (matter-antimatter/physical-ethereal) bio-plasmic form
  • Our Auric Energetic Systemelectromagnetic current [not electromagnetic as in duality terms]
  • Auric energy: ‘liquid’ crystalline – ‘flows’ as a current not unlike in polarity systems
  • Our carbon-based physical body as an electric capacitor
  • Our body electric field’s connection to our [auric] electromagnetic field (EMF)
  • Aura
  • Aura receive “life” energies from sun
  • Auric system receives and auto projects charged energy particulate [like the Aurora Borealis -Northern Lights]
  • Aura: inner mental/emotional standing – colorful spectrum of Light energy
  • Aura expand [joy] or contract [negative thoughts and emotions]
  • ‘Aura:’ vehicle for progress and forward evolution: auric expansion
  • When fully crystalline – optimal health – full ethereal body
  • Aura: composed of Stealth matter – connects both into:
  • Physical: dense bio-molecular matter and into
  • Ethereal: antimatter in parallel
  • Aura: encases ethereal light-body, Ovid shell [analogous to our earth’s magnetosphere]
  • Aura: electromagnetic geometric energy field complete, canvas-like¬¬ textile-embroidered pattern of horizontal and vertical circuitry of opposing currents
  • Aura: extends 15 feet surrounding us
  • Simplest form: 7 auric layers [in 3-D electromagnetic energetic fields] – activation throughout lifetimes
  • Extension: to 20 layers [inception of crystalline ‘Light bodies]
  • Structure of aura: laminated separated by double plasma sheath with opposing electric circuitry
  • Each layer separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes lined with opposing currents
  • receives and auto projects colorful charged light energy particulates, [like the Aurora Borealis]
  • The human electromagnetic field: Flow of auric energy in and out of the chakras [and vice-versa] – interface with the bio-plasmic body
  • Chakras
  • Chakras: energetic points within the body – interface with ethereal antimatter
  • [Chakras: not only interpreter of our senses [sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch] – the very creators for manifestation and material expression]
  • Chakras: crysto-coherent particle streams – similarity to laser light
  • Chakras bio-plasmic crystal operation in fluid state: opening on each end, matter into antimatter [and vice versa]
  • Chakras extend sensory filaments – a means for DNA transference into sequential matter/dark matter/antimatter dimensional field
  • Chakra vortices receive and transmit energy
  • Chakra operation: open, close, spin according to energy source and their functional purpose
  • Chakra: double inverted cones: accelerate light energy particles
  • Star tetrahedron’s link to the physical carbon-based body through the double-cones chakras
  • Chakras: particle energy accelerators – double cone system – to’ and ‘fro’ helical path – spin in reverse conical format – draw energies ‘in’ and ‘out’ of our energetic points
  • Crysto-electric energy flows through the conical vortex of the chakras and is fed into meridians within our bodies [like energy flows through Phi Crystals] – Coherent, intelligible: The electrical nervous system
  • Operation: liquid-crystals – bifurcation into branches – our nervous system
  • Nadi: channels or streams of prana life energy, at least 14 within body
  • The ‘liberated’ 3 streams: Ida [feminine], pingala [masculine], sushumna [central]¬¬
  • Ida and pingala curve about the central stream sushumna – extend from root to pineal
  • The vital energies of the opposite forces circulating in ida and pingala unify, sushumna energizes the 7 chakras
  • The 7 primary chakras lined up along our spinal cord: root, sex [sacra], solar plexus, heart, throat, pineal, crown
  • Light body
  • Initially: 8-8-16 circuitry- from the time of post Atlantis
  • Simplest form: 7 particle accelerators
  • Ascension: Increase in frequency [light quotient]: Time acceleration
  • Increase in etheric layers, increase in number of chakras
  • Extension: 13 [inception of crystallinity]
  • Extension to Diaphragm, Thymus, Pituitary, Well of Dream, Galactic Female/Galactic Male chakras
  • Additionally: The ‘Stellar Gateway’ chakra: 3 feet above the top of the head – begins to open as we develop spiritually – governed by Archangel Metatron
  • Tri-level modality: 12 in duality fields to 96 [level 1]; 144 [Level 2]; 240 [Level 3] crystallinity
  • Crystalline light body interacts with all three tiers modality
  • The ‘lower 3 chakras’ in physical form not eliminated in crystalline- upshift in function – unrelated to gender or physical survival
  • Sexual polarity/gender does not exist in the zero fields of higher celestial realms.
  • Aura: originally 7 layers
  • Crystalline Light body 20 auric layers, 13 chakras: optimal 13-20-33 [Sacred] circuitry – [MERCABA]:
  • Perfect Vortexial centers: optimal intra-dimensional conduits of connectivity
  • Crystalline light body – electromagnetic energy field upgraded to a crysto-electric field – higher frequency energy field
  • Crystalline bodies: polarity based electro-magnetic etheric energy field collapses – cannot hold the frequency of the crystalline light:
  • Greater dimensional access [revive multidimensionality]
  • Crystalline [ordered-coherent] versus amorphous
  • Encompasses all 7 bodies
  • Silicate as opposed to carbon-based
  • Semi-translucent – Light for nutrition
  • Upshift from 2-1 DNA-RNA to 12-6 strands
  • Opening of the pineal – requisites
  • Energetic-endocronic interface – highlights
  • Auric bleeding: micro-cracks penetrate 3 layers of the Aura
  • Our Aura stores and accommodating a limited amount of energy
  • Extensive emission of the sun’s electromagnetic energies expand auras – auric bleeding through fissure cracking
  • Since 2009 – CME – tremendous amount of divine energies – ascension: to be covered in later shows
  • Increasing frequencies of the planet – mankind’s transition to the tri-level modality of crystalline multidimensional Light Body Auric function
  • Synchronous resonance with new Earth Schumann Resonance – differential pressure development across auric layer – overload causes auric fissures
  • Re-skinning and shedding of the old skin – development of new layers in the outskirt of the auric field
  • Development of new auric layers – auric expansion
  • Auric bleeding as essential ascension malady
  • Recapitulation and Summary
  • Energy progression: source, to …, to galactic sun [Alcyone], to our sun, to earth’s magnetosphere, to our aura, to our chakras, and via meridians [‘channels’], to our nervous system, to our very cells, to our genetic strands of DNA/RNA structure
  • Our micro cosmos begins with our aura, laminated structure of ethereal energetic layers, down to the physical body [first/base energetic layer]
  • The divine energies interface in matter [physical body] and antimatter [ethereal bodies]
  • The energies disseminated in the form of charged particulate soup we refer to as plasma
  • We: bio-plasmic soup of energy interfacing in matter-antimatter
  • Matter source : visible
  • Antimatter [ethereal] existence: stealth to our limited physical senses
  • Everything divine operates in base 12:
  • Crystalline: 12 auric layers interface with 12 energetic matter-antimatter points [chakras] – interface with 12 strands of DNA
  • Basic structures, 7 energetic layers interface with 7 basic chakras
  • Physical body [first basic auric layer] interfaces with the root chakra mineral source sustaining us
  • Crystalline from: amorphous state becomes ordered – light body – no need for mineral nutrition
  • Root chakra: tether /connection to the mother Gaia, our oversoul
  • Root chakra: interfaces in the first dimension
  • There are 2 additional chakras that constitute our basic physical existence in 3-D:
  • Sacra:, most basic needs –survival, procreation
  • The second chakra [sacra] interfaces with the second dimension
  • Third chakra [solar plexus or gut chakra]: the very essence of our third dimensional existence – where you ‘feel’ the stealth energies – in the gut
  • Beyond that: begin to interface with our etheric essence [begins at 4th dimension] – activation of etheric body
  • 4th chakra [of the 7 basic active units]: interfaces through emotion with our ethereal sense
  • 5th [throat chakra]: ‘voices’ our physical existence
  • 6th chakra [pineal]: ‘seat of the soul’ – gateway to the ethereal communication
  • 7th chakra [crown]: doorway/entry energetic point to our physical
  • The top 4 chakras get activated as we expand in conscious energy
  • Duality mostly operates with the base 3 chakras
  • Notes
  • Divine sequence: 3-7-12 digits
  • Higher dimensions: encompass lower dimensions:
  • First and second dimensional aspect of our existence: become ‘automated’ to our higher third dimensional existence: motor skills, sex, survival instinct do not require ‘active’ consciousness or thought energy process

Please click on the link below to watch the video

Episode 4 Dawn of Ascension:




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