The Effects of Inter Personal Communications and Behavior on Auric Integrity By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi. Ph.D.


We transform energy into thought form in order to function, to create and build, and a part of that is relation with others. The University of Duality offers a myriad of diversely of polar selections for us to choose from. We commonly harmonically resonate in thought form with one another. Expressing negativity and low-chakra trend in any form that it may be, competition, greed, jealousy, anger, prejudice, hatred, etc. can have a significant adverse effect on all parties involved. If the auric field of concerned parties are remained open it can have a devastating results leading to auric bleeding, and if unresolved, also contribute to accumulation of karma. It is a common feeling to fall in the trap of victim consciousness and desire to be vindicated, and at the same time, feel self-righteous in the process. However, this trend leads to anger and self-loathing and often causes severe auric bleeding. It is best to ‘allow’ for an amicable resolution to the problem through act of forgiveness, compassion and love and reap the benefit of peaceful, tranquil, intercommunication than prolonged conflict and hatred that is contagious and most destructive to all parties involved through severe auric bleeding. While peace of mind and self-love accentuates love of others, anger and self-loathing culminates in conflict and hatred of others. It is also cautioned that sympathy via participating in pity parties does not serve any purpose other than muddying one’s energetic pool, which again depletes one’s auric energy. It is best to stand clear from mingling one’s energy with that of the victim and handle the situation with discipline and resolved intent while exercising passion and unconditional love. It is warned to stay clear from oppressors and those with the desire to control others through submission of will, and one is equally advised to refrain from such malicious acts of suppression and control, which often is accompanied by abuse, mistreat and antagonization resulting from arrogance stemming from severe perceived depression and self-loathing by the oppressor. It is elucidated that formal religion is often swamped by the very same acts of desire to control by “leaders” who have befallen to a feeling of power, greed, self-grandization, and the desire to control others by means of fear [mostly fear of God and reprisal]. Finally, it is cautioned for those who ‘religiously’ follow self-appointed gurus and ‘channellers’ of this Aquarian ‘New Age’ of pre-ascension to exercise discernment in what they receive from them disguised as the truth of God and ALL THERE IS, who may be more self-motivated in profiteering and victimizing an innocent angelic group of humanity who feel certain attunement with their divinity yet are still in slumber to appreciate their own worth.  


  • Our thoughts and emotions have a vibratory frequency within duality.5000 thoughts a day
  • We convert energies into thought forms whenever we focus on a particular issue or when we interact with one another through strong reactions or emotions.
  • These thought forms can superimpose upon one another harmonically in myriad of ways.Thought
  • When you exhibit jealousy, competition, anger, or conversely, love or joy to another, not only it affects you but has an impact on the other person involved.Envy Competition
  • This way, you harmonically vibrate in thought forms with one another.
  • If you consciously dwell on these stimulated vibratory thought forms, then the consequent energies, although commonly short-lived, can escalate to form a ‘conscious’ or ‘awake’ thought pattern.
  • When spiritual love and compassion are projected, the outcome is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.Compassion - Love
  • When anger, negativity, and resentment are expressed, a toxic reaction can occur from all persons in concern.anger
  • If the auric field of the ‘targeted’ person is unguarded, the result may be devastating as auric bleeding can occur.
  • One must differentiate between honest reactions as opposed to those ingrained with malicious or controlling energies.
  • If someone disrespects you the appropriate, honest reaction can be one of pure anger and hurt.
  • When these are responsibly, openly and honestly expressed, a cleansing, occurs that can lead to better mutual understandings culminating in rehabilitation and amended communication.
  • It is a learning process, and it serves a greater purpose.
  • However, when one person expresses hatred, vendetta, or protracted desire to control the other, such an irresponsible act usually cause unpleasant encounters, and consequently, such energies often lead to resentful battle of Will.
  • Most of the times all parties feel justified in their though forms and frequently self-vindicate and express themselves inundated with an attitude of victim consciousness leading to resentment, sometimes escalating to hate, culminating in conflict and outright attack on one another.
  • Unless one sees the wisdom of releasing hate, it will all gravitate into a downward spiral, creating even more negativity, depression and may lead to malicious and self-destructive anger and self-loathing.Self-Hatred
  • When one is in such a state of anger, or self-loathing, this destructive vibratory resonance severely depletes auric energy leading to auric bleeding.
  • And the problem can become deeper and more devastating.
  • Although every experience has its own educational benefit, and there is learning in mistakes, such a life sojourn can be extremely discomforting and otherwise, futile.
  • At times great souls choose to reincarnate under conditions of severe discomfort, encountering negativities in order to gain experience in self-restraint and strengthening their Will power by effectively coping and overcoming such adverse energies.
  • Two prime examples of such personalities were Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who chose sojourns of being wrongly accused and convicted of crimes, and spent years in the negative energy of prisons in order to learn the lessons of finding strength and tranquility under the harshest possible conditions of oppression.
  • When you are in conflict, insure your auric field is maintained, and you do not allow yourself to fall into malicious and self-destructive reactions.
  • Although it is proper to stand your grounds for what you believe and to express yourself with utmost honesty, you must remember that the way of spiritual mastery is not to submit into conflict, hate or violence and you must refrain from seeking malicious revenge.
  • It is often easy to fall into such set-ups, but to get out of them effectively and with resolute success is another scenario.
  • Hate is often contagious and generates more of the same reactional feelings.
  • The energies created by hate often spiral and soon lead to potent conflicts.
  • Lord Metatron indicates that often entire warring nations with like collective energy fields reincarnate in groups to pursue with their conflicts in order to feel avenged or find a resolution to their negative energies.
  • For example, Lord Metatron cites the Gulf Wars as being a continuation of the Crusades, and World War II as being a perpetuation of the Atlantean conflicts between those of Poseida [Law of One], and Aryans [Sons of Belial].
  • Very often the most difficult conflicts arise from one’s own negative thought patterns and have their root in the very problem of self-loathing.
  • The most challenge is often to master humble self-love, which creates peace.
  • When one is plagued with self-loathing, the immediate outcome is severe depression, which often leads to conflict and hatred of others.
  • The resulting unpleasant thought forms these individuals create for themselves is often alleviated through soul fragmentation and splitting their auric field being associated with different personalities.
  • A repetitive or cyclic pattern of futile negative energy flow takes over that initiates with the opening of the solar plexus chakra and then again feeding itself.
  • Self-hatred thought becomes aware of itself and becomes a real hindrance until the person learns to exercise great discipline, and become resolved through application of dominant Will power to eradicate the problem.Self-Love
  • Humans are constantly engaged in the process of mutual exchanging and transferal of energy on a daily basis.
  • Some are reciprocally beneficial, others are deterrent to auric health and integrity.
  • It is of utmost importance to keep one’s aura intact without so to speak muddying one’s pool with contamination arising from possible interaction with others.
  • For example, it does not serve any purpose when one, as a matter of sympathy, indulges in pity party with others.
  • It is best to firmly maintain one’s auric integrity through decisive yet distantly resolute communication, and at the same time employing compassion to help one another.
  • In other words, while exercising compassion and unconditional love with discipline is highly recommended and is worthy of being endorsed as an act of expanded consciousness, blinded sympathy can be equally damaging to the auras of both the seeker and the donor.  Compassion and Unconditional Love - Unity Consciousness
  • This is the principle behind which healers often operate.
  • Simply, they keep their auras intact during the healing process, and as a result their auras are essentially unaffected by the transferal of the energy.
  • In other words, they never ‘dilute’ the pool of their effective healing auric energies.
  • In fact, love energy is passed from higher divine sources and the healer’s auric field is capable of willingly being the conduit without losing any of their auric field energy.
  • Of course, in this respect optimal 13-20-33 circuitry is a requisite for the healer or effective energetic transfer and healing cannot be provided.
  • Otherwise, both the receiver and the healer can lose energy by means of damaging their auric circuitry.
  • Note that anger is a destructive and a highly transparent emotion that can be readily detected or perceived by the opposing party.
  • Similarly, the sentiment of overpowering and desire to control others is easily projectable to the other party.
  • Of course, avoiding abuse or being controlled by others should not insinuate pure defiance or justify lack of cooperation with others who may serve in a supervisory capacity.
  • There are of course situations in which it is appropriate to follow another’s direction.
  • You do this in many instances in your life: in offices, militaries, schools and at home with your parents.
  • This is based upon implied agreement, and is quite relevant providing the privileges granted upon the person in the supervisory role are not violated.
  • Clearly, it is not proper to exercise belligerence and it is not justified to maliciously mistreat others with acts of aggression and hostility or attempt to subjugate others by deliberately breaking other’s power of Will or dominate their spirit.
  • Abuse of power often occurs in relationships, marriages, in work, family and other social scenarios as a result of co-dependency.
  • When unmitigated control, suppression, or oppression of others do occur, usually the controller attaches oneself to the solar plexus chakra of the other party and literally takes their energy and impose a destructive domination.
  • This is a ‘vampiric effect,’ often exercised by egotistical individuals who often try to control and manipulate others in order to mask or deny their own perceived shortcomings.
  • This is often indigenous to certain personalities or individuals who are themselves unbalanced or suffer from deep depression, who unconsciously attempt to get a rise from humiliating others to fill a void that they feel WITHIN.
  • It is generally improper to allow another person to abusively impose their will upon you, and is equally wrong for one to seek such control outside the appropriate structures of their mutual agreement.
  • It also takes place on a larger scale in male-controlled strict religions, male dominated societies, and in marriages.
  • Religions are often the source of great inappropriate control through fear.Free fom Religion
  • Even the ‘New Age’ ideology has cropped up gurus and spiritual leaders whose fame and power has created downward spiral of ego, self-promotion, and control.
  • The path of leadership and power inevitably diverges and one may be blindly tempted to take the path of greed and power over compassion and unconditional love.
  • Many have been plagued with greed and false ego.dissolve ego - connect with atma
  • When this occurs they become ‘energy vampires.’
  • That is why you should never blindly follow any ‘channeller.’
  • Rather, use discernment, and attune to your own Divinity.
  • When you become a part of any ‘group consciousness’, and then decide to break free, there is a natural pull from the collective to bring you back.
  • Such gravitational energy is also at work when strong possessiveness by the collectives compels certain members who work hard at recruiting followers.

Psychic Attacks, Energy Projections and Control 

  • Some metaphysicians and shamanic teachings speak of ‘psychic attacks’ occurring when the auric field is left ‘open.’
  • It can and does, indeed, happen.
  • However, the term of psychic attack is in truth an aspect of electromagnetics and harmonic oscillation.
  • From a higher perspective, these are pre-designed as a consequence of evolution in duality, as we learn to be responsible with our inherent creativity.duality
  • However, when undisciplined, anger and detestable negativity are projected, a venomous reaction can occur from both sides.
  • The visualization of enveloping ‘white-light’ is the generally accepted protective mechanism.
  • However if the auric field is open, the light visualization is not enough.
  • The procedures should be adopted as to strengthen and seal the auric field.
  • We must be aware that anytime we have strong emotions of a negative nature, or dwell in depression, our fields will be temporarily subjected to auric micro-cracking.
  • These attacks can only be energetically dissipative if the field is remained open.
  • The projected negative energy is automatically rejected when the auric field is wholly intact.
  • In such optimal circumstances, the negative energy is echoed back to its source for the sender to manage.
  • The crux of the point is that one should not be the sender of malicious energy, because unavoidably it will ricochet and cause you great remorse.
  • Such is the nature of the law of harmonic oscillation.


  • The complexity and vital importance of auric maintenance is not known to most human beings.
  • The energies are quickening on the path of Ascension, and it is now particularly of prominent importance to maintain a healthy auric field.
  • We must now realize that maintaining an optimal auric circuitry is a requisite for holding greater energy in order to evolve into our Crystalline Light Bodies.
  • The Circuitry of 13-20-33 is a profound step on our way to Divinity Consciousness.
  • We are changing our etheric skin in order to enable us to use or manipulate these magnificent expansive qualities.
  • This is a fundamental requisite of ascension as we morph into expanded 13-20-33 auric Circuitry in order to achieve Tri System Crystalline Modality.

Institute of Spiritual Science Inc. Publishing 2015.

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