Episode 7 [May 10, 2015] Dawn of Ascension Show hosted by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi: Auric Bleeding and Maintenance II

Episode 7 [May 10, 2015] Dawn of Ascension Show  hosted by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi: Auric Bleeding and Maintenance II

Topics of Discussion


  • Auric bleeding as a result of air travel: flights of  over 3 hours and typically 9-10 hours of travel,  frequent and extended air travel,  continental and trans-ocean flights, latitudinal in eastbound vectors, longitudinal flights that cross the equator [southern to hemisphere and vice-versa], greater fatigue, and shorten one’s very longevity and life span, especially for the middle-aged or older traveler, unfavorable to auric integrity, time-zone change requires frequencial adjustment to the auric energy, hypobaric hypoxia caused by pressurization of the aircraft alters rhythmicity after long flights,  depends on the frequency of flights and length of flights, auric bleeding depends on the general health and age of the person flying, the anionic [earth] combines with the cationic charges [stratosphere] form an electro-magnetic capacitor [good for 30,000 feet], flying typically at altitudes of 35,000 feet depletes the aura, not simply “jetlag,” capacitor plays a key role in regulating endocrine function of body,
  • Remedies: magnetic generators, magnetic boots, wearing copper or gold on both wrists, gemstones as rings and pendant, hydrating the body extensively, salt mineral baths, avoiding sleep aids, minimize frequency of such flights.
  • Energetic equalization when a non-resident visitor stays [5-10 days] at power points or sacred sites, much stronger resonant electromagnetic field of mega site, depending on the auric strength and resilience of the individual, within 5-10 days the EMF can equalize through formation of tiny fissure cracks and a rupture of the auric sheathing, auric imbalance leads to emotional extremes until grounded
  • Remedy: avoid overstay, takes 1-2 weeks to correct itself upon return, those who re-locale to mega-power site, takes from 6 months to a year to equalize, visiting power nodes leads to auric expansion, ‘new auric skin,’ required to expand into greater frequency and multidimensionality, reskinning cause emotional extremes until re-balanced, sacred sites and power nodes serve as virtual accelerators, aid metamorphosis, prepare us for the heightened energies required for ascension.
  • Energy to thought creates and builds, defines relation with others, Duality: diverse selections, we resonate through thought with one another, negativity and low-chakra trend has significant adverse effect, if the auric field left open: auric bleeding, and if unresolved: contributes to accumulation of karma, victim consciousness vindication, self-righteousness leads to anger and self-loathing and auric bleeding, ‘allow’ amicable resolution, show forgiveness, compassion and love,  be peaceful, tranquil, do not prolong conflict, hatred is contagious, destructive,  causes severe auric bleeding, peace of mind and self-love accentuates love of others, anger and self-loathing culminates in conflict and hatred of others, blind sympathy does not serve any purpose, , depletes one’s auric energy, stand clear, do not mingling energies, show discipline and resolved intent while exercising passion and unconditional love, stay clear from oppressors and controllers,  refrain from such malicious acts of suppression and control, mistreat and antagonization results from arrogance stemming from severe perceived depression and self-loathing by the oppressor, religion is swamped by control by “leaders” who have befallen to power, greed, self-grandization, and the desire to control others by means of fear [mostly fear of God and reprisal], stay clear of those who ‘religiously’ follow self-appointed gurus and ‘channellers’ of this Aquarian ‘New Age’ of pre-ascension, exercise discernment in what they receive from them disguised as the truth of God and ALL THERE IS, mostly are more self-motivated in profiteering and victimizing.

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Dawn of Ascension Episode 7:





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One thought on “Episode 7 [May 10, 2015] Dawn of Ascension Show hosted by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi: Auric Bleeding and Maintenance II”

  1. The information presented in this video is for the benefit of the public at large. It is provided free of charge and I neither claim fame nor gain any fortune by it. It is all result of labor of love offered in service to God and humanity. The information is hardly earth-shattering much of which is available in metaphysics, NASA, and other spiritual articles, which I have known for years. So I do not feel or claim particularly privileged to have discovered anything new. Unfortunately, my videos seem to have threatened certain individuals who unscrupulously charge exorbitant prices for their “publications,” and now find my selfless efforts competitive and deterrent to their greedy, profiteering efforts that should be otherwise offered with compassion and unconditional love for the expansion of consciousness of the fellow man.


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