Cosmos and the Human Energetic System – Part I: The Crystalline-Electric Cosmos By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Cosmos and the Human Energetic System –

Part I: The Crystalline-Electric Cosmos

By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is clarified that we live in a conscious crystalline electric cosmos, which in essence, signifies the neural network or brain of our Prime Creator. It is further explicated that our crystalline cosmos is spherical in shape being comprised of 356 dimensional concentric space-time layers that fit within one another, something similar to the well-known nested Russian Matryoshka dolls. Furthermore, it is elucidated that the fabric of space-time within each dimensional layers is composed of a crystalline lattice or a grid that resembles a textile fibrous composite cloth with crystalline electric currents running through its system. More specifically, the cosmos is comprised of a field that is created as a result of the plasmic separation of positive ions (cations) and negative (anions) within its crystalline structure. This plasmic field binds (glues) ALL together, whose local congregation of one charge form or the other creates a potential field that demands to be settled, causing a ‘flow’ of crystalline-electric nature. Moreover, this plasma is not fixed in one dimension or in only one universe. Like the stroboscopic light of a ‘flashing nature,’ it fluctuates (vibrates), and fades ‘in’ an ‘out’ of dimensional realities (from one universe and into other universes). Thus, a cosmic pulse emanates from the (galactic) cosmic grid. And, the cosmic pulse within the spiraled galaxies forms the creation pattern in the form of a spiral. In particular, within our Nebadon universe, our spiraled Milky Way Galactic Grid has a function of being a formatted creation server that allows ALL THAT IS within its sphere of influence to dynamically and creatively expand. Moreover, this plasmic field operates in a spectrum. The operation of this released plasma is akin to something like the phenomenon of piezo-electricity in crystals, having to do with the advent of pressure within the crystalline matrix of the Cosmic Grid. Simply put, as one applies pressure upon the lattice of a crystal, electric current flows through the crystal. Similarly, the intra-dimensional plasma within the fabric of the space-time within the cosmos produces a braided current that is helical in geometry, and is crystalline in nature. Thus, the cosmos contains within it a crystalline-electrical circuitry, which operates within the active plasma of the galaxies and intra-space. Moreover, an electric current is inherently produced by the crystalline structure of the geometric cosmic lattice (referred to as the ‘Cosmic Grid’).  As such, the cellular crystalline structures’ of the cosmic plasma produces a force that is electrically charged as well as being crystalline and coherent. This is to say that, the crystalline lattice of the fabric of space-time is coherent, conscious, sentient, and constitutes a ‘living’ grid. In fact, the edifice of this braided crystalline-electric current, in essence, forms something of a ‘cosmic power transmission lines.’

Finally, a brief discussion is presented with regard to the relevance of the crystalline-electric cosmos (the macro-cosmos) and our energetic system (the micro-cosmos). The details of the human bio-plasmic field (the ethereal body) as well as our Auric-chakric system, and finally, the nature of formation of our crystalline light body as a pre-requisite to ascension, has been postponed to the publication of three companion papers, which are to appear in the future issues of the magazine.

 Cosmos as a Conglomerate Set of ‘Space-Time’ Layers

The subject of cosmology of the universe, is truly fascinating. Cosmos, is indeed, the product of light physics. And, there are two aspects to light physics: space and time. These two phenomena are inter-related, with one being mutually dependent on the other. Without time there is simply no space, and vica versa. In fact, time may be regarded as being the inverse of space. In other words, the tendency to time diminishes the propensity of space, and vica versa. It is therefore, appropriate to speak of a single phenomenon when speaking of light physics, which is the concept of space-time. Space-time permeates the domain of the cosmos. The author has illustrated that there are indeed, a total of 356 distinct and identifiable space-time layers within the cosmos. And, due to the isotropic and axisymmetric dispersion of light as to create space-time cosmic layers, cosmos is, indeed, spherical. Thus, the cosmos may be envisioned as being as a series of concentric spherical layers nested within one another not unlike the Russian Matryoshka dolls. Furthermore, these ‘dimensional layers’ constantly spin about a central SOURCE of omnipotent consciousness that we refer to as our Prime Creator. Moreover, the inner (higher) dimensional layers more adjacent to the axis of rotation passing through the center of cosmos (the domicile of the SOURCE) are envisaged to rotate at a faster speed than the outer (lower) dimensions. In this respect, the terms ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ refer to the consciousness state or the state of light quotient permeating the dimensional layers. Alternatively, the rate of rotation (rotational speed) of the dimensional layers may be referred to as ‘frequency’ that provides another venue for quantifying the conscious state within each particular dimensional layer.

There are many earths, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and such within the dimensional layers providing myriad forms of inner realities within the multiplex of Omniverse. The purported reality based upon linear-time is actually unique within the first three dimensions, where due to the infinitesimal progression of time, it gives the illusion of linearity or linear perception of the past, present, and the future. In reality, time is a curvilinear phenomenon, having been a byproduct of the rotational aspect of the dimensional layers of the cosmos. In fact, space regarded as a rectilinear phenomenon, has to do with the relative change of position within the domain of cosmos, which is often characterized by a Euclidean rectilinear vector. The author has illustrated the fact that time may be depicted as a rotational vector being perpendicular to the vector of space at any prescribed set of values of the space and time within the cosmos. In this respect, the erroneous contention by the mainstream science that time may be a scalar quantity should be regarded as resolved. In this regard, space may be considered as the spherical path corresponding to a particular spherical surface layer within the cosmos, which may be represented by a free vector acting at any point being tangent to the surface path. Furthermore, a vector that is directed along the radius of the spherical layer, and is clearly perpendicular to the free vector of space, may be regarded as the time vector. In this respect, time is a rotational phenomenon that may be expressed in terms of two angles acting within two mutually perpendicular plane that collectively give rise to the particular domain of a dimensional layer having a certain radius. And, as this radius is changed, it gives rise to the progression of time. Thus, traversing within the innerspace (out of a particular dimensional layer) is synonymous with the concept of ‘time travel,’ while changing position within the confines of a particular dimensional layer constitutes ‘teleportation.’ Furthermore, the concept of frequency may be regarded as the inverse of the incremental time that may, alternatively, be defined as the rate of change of rotational ‘dimensional angle,’ (or speed of rotation) of a particular dimensional layer. Thus, instead of speaking of reducing the incremental change of time (faster progression of time) as to insinuate faster perception of time or ‘consciousness’ as to reach a higher dimension, we can, alternatively, speak of increasing the ‘frequency.’ And, clearly, time takes place in a nonlinear strobe sequence of ‘consciousness units.’

There are many universes in the Multiverse, and all were formed by the Divine-Thought, the Prime Creator. Discerning the sacred scientific nature of cosmos, unlocks the door to truly understand the workings of the cosmos. We are now at the incipient point of exploring and undertaking this. And, therefore, there is both a sacred and scientific aspect to understanding the machinery of the cosmos. Comprehending the sacred nature of ALL things is ultimately crucial in unlocking the door into our true nature and origin. The science behind cosmology and its sacred applications will eventually lead to a quantum leap in consciousness, which constitutes the crux of the author’s body of research work as a light worker in the ongoing Ascension movement of our planet and our SELVES.

Our Crystalline Electric Cosmos

Our plasma physicists have now graduated to refine their theories to propose that there exists an ‘electrical cosmos.’ These scientists are able to understand that there exists a ‘potential function’ between any two points in the space that leads to ‘flow’ of plasma from one point to another. The ideology is quite analogous to the concept of electricity as well as magnetism. With regard to electricity, there exists a difference of charge between two consecutive points, which is generated through a difference in number of electrons existing at one point as compared to the other. Therefore, an electric potential is developed between the two points as a result of the difference of charge status existing between such points. There is a tendency for the excess electrons at the negatively charged point to ‘flow’ into the other, which is deprived of such electrons. This process happens in order to ‘relieve’ or ‘equalize’ the overall system from such unevenly charged status. Therefore, electricity (flow of electrons) occurs as the result of migration of charged ions from one ‘pole’ to another. Similarly, magnetism is essentially governed by the existence of oppositely charged poles (south or north) in a way that two mutually charged poles ‘repel’ and two oppositely charged poles ‘attract’ one another. Again, due to a potential existing between two oppositely charged poles, there is a tendency of ‘flow’ from one to the other. The phenomena of electro, magnetic, and plasma flow are quite analogous. However, plasma physicists prefer to dispense with the concept of polarization. Instead, they consider two opposite ‘poles’ as gateways, one fulfills the role of ‘entrance’ and the other the ‘exit’ as ‘flow’ occurs ‘into’ the entry and ‘out of’ the exit doorways.

Some of the new theorists of plasma physics conclude that the black holes and dark matter do not exist, and that electricity is responsible for the energy that formed planets and stars. While the notion of latter, that ‘electricity is responsible for energy that forms the planet and stars,’ is accurate, the former conjecture is purely incorrect. Black holes do, indeed, exist. However, their function is utterly inter-twinned with that of the white holes. But, the true nature of white as well as black holes are not yet embraced. Black holes are not the carnivorous all-consuming monster we think of. Also, it is not the black holes or any theorized ‘dark matter’ that coheres, gravitates, and powers the cosmos. It is, rather, something of a coherent cosmic electrical force, which is geometric in nature. It is, in fact, a form of refined electrical energy with induced crystalline attributes, and it is coded with the Divine. It is indigenous to the existence of the ‘Crystalline-Electric Cosmic Grid’ that employs such crystalline-electric forces in the cosmos. Current advancements in higher resolution instruments have allowed our scientist to observe images and evidence of the omnipresent ‘filaments’ and ‘cellular structures’ of cosmic plasma. This is an exciting and important new understanding that is leading to a requisite discovery that emptiness in space may neither be considered as “void” nor is electrically neutral. It all has to do with cosmic electricity. The extra-terrestrial cosmos is not electrically neutral. Rather, it is charged within a crystalline structure. ‘Neutral’ plasma cannot organize itself into cells and filaments. Our advanced telescopes are now providing images that reveal strands of electrical currents feeding the core of our spiral Milky Way galaxy. In electrical terms, the filaments are the ‘cosmic power transmission lines’ feeding the plasma at the center of the galaxy. Our spiraled galaxy contains a larger sphere of positive charges superimposed upon a smaller inner-sphere containing negative charges. The Galactic Center as well as our sun and the planets are electrically charged. The great central sun is the focus of a great cosmic crystalline electric discharge, which is the source of all radiant energy. All astronomical bodies are inherently charged objects immersed in a universe that, in essence, has a crystalline-electromagnetic fabric (such as a fibrous composite cloth). On a galactic scale, these dynamic charges appear locally on all cosmic bodies, arising from the plasmic separation of positive and negative ions. These electromagnetic forces played a crucial role in sculpting the surfaces and shaping the orbits of the bodies of our solar system. Crystalline-electric discharge created the form, and is a major factor in our universal evolution. The changes that are occurring are activating the crystalline emissions that will form the crystalline aspect of the evolving planetary elliptical space, what may be referred to as the new ‘firmament.’

The cosmic pulse that occurs in our physical universe is not new. This knowledge was well known in the era of the Atlanteans. In fact, it was utilized. The cosmic pulse is an immeasurable, supreme, god SOURCE with an intra-dimensional energetic force. There are two aspects to the energy of the cosmic pulse: first of all it is formed as a lattice, a living sentient grid; and secondly, it is a conduit of crystalline-electric current in the cosmos. The cosmos contains within it a crystalline-electrical circuitry, which operates within the active plasma of the galaxies and intra-space. This circuitry feeds the core of our galaxy. This ‘active’ plasma is in many forms, both hot and cold, and it is coherent and conscious. This plasma is not fixed in one dimension or in only one universe. This plasma operates in a spectrum. Like light, it fluctuates and fades ‘in’ an ‘out’ of both dimensional realities and into other universes. It is, the glue that binds ALL together. This intra-dimensional plasma produces a braided current that is helical in geometry, and is crystalline. This plasma is released through something akin to what is experienced in the piezo- crystalline matrix of the Cosmic Grid. The electric current is, therefore, produced by the crystalline structure of the geometric cosmic lattice, the Galactic Grid. It becomes coherent, through the ‘pinch’ of its attraction and compression. This current is coded with an inverse spiral to our planet. It is also requisite to the upshift of our planet including us to the higher frequencies of consciousness. Just as our earth is a living sentience, so are the galaxies. All galaxies have conscious sentience, which is of higher order and more refined. The cosmic pulse within spiraled galaxies forms the creation pattern in the form of a spiral. The cosmic pulse emanates from the galactic cosmic grid. The Galactic Grid in our spiraled Milky Way has a function of being a formatted creation server that allows ALL THAT IS within its sphere of influence to dynamically and creatively expand, just as our evolving planetary grids do on our earth. Our 144-Crystalline Grid is energized via the spiraled cosmic pulse of our Galactic Grid. The crystalline electricity that is allowed to flow through is received into the core of the planet, and an inverse spiral now emanates outward and is made available for the higher dimensional expansion of the human auric form.

The Human Energetic System’s Symbiotic Existence with The Cosmos

Human Beings have an auric energy that forms an electromagnetic field. This field receives energy patterns and codes constantly through induction. The higher geometry of this field must be upshifted to crystalline. It will do so by evolving into a crystalline format and will expand depending on the intent, focus, and attunement of the individual concerned. It will enable the divine human to carry the higher frequencies coming into our planet through the 144-Crytsalline Grid via the pulse of the cosmos. In this process, it will upshift our DNA into a more complex crystalline form. Our DNA is now shifting from electromagnetic into crystalline. The crystallization of the pineal, pituitary and thymus glands is essential. This is to prepare for what is beginning to occur now in the Crystalline Age. There is a new crystalline structure and code to activate the transformation of these three divinity glands required to move into the higher frequency. This action will play a role in facilitating the DNA transformation to crystalline energy. Among the ‘quantum’ attributes will be a much greater immunity for the body physical, and an expanded consciousness to multidimensionality.

The crystalline-electric currents of the cosmos integrate all matter.  As such, the suns, stars, and planets are all to an extent driven and powered by this current. Accordingly, every stellar and planetary body in space carries an electrical resonate charge, including our earth. This energy is received through the magnetosphere of earth, and is drawn into the earth’s crystalline core. It emits a blue-wave radiation that provides higher spectrum light to our inner earth civilizations. Each planet has a specific parameter of electrical charge it carries. Our planetary electromagnetic grids and magnetosphere act as double layered surge protectors, but occasionally this charge overloads. There is evidence of this, unrecognized, in our solar system, and indeed, on earth. When this charge is overloaded in a surge, a form of internal electricity will burst out that create implosion effects both on the physical planet and its intra-dimensional aspect. This has occurred on our earth before. This is, in fact, what formed the Grand Canyon and other locations on earth! The arc lightening emitted from within the Earth that created the Grand Canyon often creates a unique energy field in these locations. All reverse spin of intra-dimensional light occurs here, and as such a unique balance, counter-balance occurs that spins light in helical and anti-helical spins. Gemstones and minerals found within these areas such as the Grand Canyon have unique properties as a result that can be very balancing and beneficial to auric expansion. This benevolent energy is very unique on our planet, and allows multidimensional awareness and experiences of bi-location more easily in certain vectors within it.

The conduits of the charge of the electric crystalline cosmos are networked throughout the galaxy, and can be compared to the leylines of the earth, or the nervous system of the human body. Light through its myriad aspects such as electricity, magnetism, gravity, crystallization are the most essential and important factors in the Cosmic Grid, and, indeed, our developing planetary grid. They are the primary tools of our planetary frequencial Ascension. Thought creationism involves processing of information codes that are received through the cosmos. These communicate with our RNA through our crystallized pituitary and pineal glands. These codes of information are transmitted or conducted by the neuronal networks in matter/anti-matter and “dark” plasma in which the Omni Earth is contained. Through the development of the crystalline light body tri-level crystallinity system, we readily access greater consciousness that gives us the capability to navigate within the realm of higher dimensionality. Our crystalline light body interacts with all three levels of modality. But, concerted effort is required to develop awareness into the crystalline ‘Light-Body’ system. The polarity grid (the electromagnetic grid) has been collapsing. The Crystalline Grid has now come into play and as it is gaining full energy. Understanding the phenomenon of Crystalline Light Body is of paramount importance as we ascend in these new energies.

Relevance of the Cosmic Energies to our Energetic System

Our auric system is quite complex, but now only operates at its base level. The primary longitudinal axial current that is received through the 7th chakric vortex is disseminated through the pituitary to induce secondary and tertiary currents at specific angles. The new circuitry of the aura operates in coherent light. Matter-antimatter and bio-energy plasma life exist in varying layers of dimensional resonance frequency. It is quite beyond us in duality to comprehend the vast complexity and dimension of the electro-crystalline nature of creative energies. Every thought is a totally unique geometric rhythm translated into crystalline electrics and pulsed from the higher source into mind into physicality through a myriad of dimensional gateways. Every particulate, every aspect of our experience is gathered together in unique specific bands of crystalline light frequency. Each thought we have, each instinct and compulsion we have, is concisely composed of a distinguished intensity and impulse frequency. In summary, we all exist in one band, one spectrum of divine frequency.

Understanding the true nature of ‘life consciousness,’ as well as the vast realms of the Omniverse Cosmos, including earth itself, is very challenging. Yet, all of us with employing our inherent power of intuition can reach beyond and conceive the energies at play at this remarkable time in our planet’s history. We are changing our etheric skin in order to evolve and incorporate these wondrous attributes. All of us with further attunement as a result of utilization of power of intuition can reach and discern beyond that which is ordinary. We have 7 distinct primary chakras that correspond to different points of life energy distribution within our bodies. The chakras extend sensory filaments, which provide a means for DNA transference, into each sequential matter/”dark” (invisible) matter/antimatter dimensional field. The pineal gland is usually called “the third Eye,” or “the seat of soul,” which connects us to the ethereal and beyond the physical realm of existence. Our auric system is quite refined and complex. Each auric layer is separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes, forming a durable sheath lamina or skin that is lined with opposing current in order to conduct energy within and without our auric system. The auric system receives and auto projects charged energy particulate, and this occurs somewhat like the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) with all its magnificent colors. We constantly receive ‘life’ energies from outside, which primarily come to us via the energies emitted by our sun. When fully crystalline, the optimal healthy human auric field becomes our full etheric body. The ordinary human aura tied to the electromagnetic grid cannot sustain the higher frequencies of the cosmos crystalline energies. Few of us can retain the sacred geometric crystalline form of aura that has been referred to as the merkaba all the time. The way that our ethereal body, our consciousness, or our thought energetics interfaces with the 3-D is through our physical body.

Our physical body constitutes a complex system of endocrine glands that interface with our neural network through our heart. The heart is an extremely complex neural organ, much more sophisticated that our brain, that interfaces with our entire network system and all body components through our blood and its sophisticated circulatory system. Our heart is the organ that directly interfaces with our ethereal body, the energetic source that animates our physiognomy. As our ethereal body vibrates, it interfaces with our physical body through our heart by a way of ‘beating.’ Understand that ‘beating’ is a phenomenon distinct from ‘resonance.’ In the case of the former, the frequency of animation is compliably close to the natural frequency of the physical body, while in the latter case, the frequency of animation ‘exactly’ matches the natural frequency of the animated body. The truth is that we have a physical consciousness on the 3-D earth that is quantum and discrete in nature. This means that we receive stroboscopic light of ‘flashing’ nature that illuminates us and gives us consciousness only discretely and not continuously. As a result, there is an interval within the span of our consciousness that the author has referred to as the ‘dark period,’ in which we become unaware of our current space-time dimension. We constantly fade into and out of consciousness within a period that is of quantum scale, closely approximating the Planck’s number of 10-43 earthly seconds. During this ‘dark period,’ we become unconscious from one particular plane of dimensional consciousness and reappear, and become conscious in another parallel plane of consciousness. This way, we actually sequentially jump between the parallels, but this ‘dark period’ is so small and of a quantum scale that in conjunction with our currently low (or slow) frequency of vibration, we remain oblivious to our absence.  Thus, as a result of beating our heart, and due to the discrepancy between the two phenomena of resonance and beating, the physical body remains ‘detached’ from the ethereal body during the ‘dark period,’ giving rise to a state of consciousness that is only prevalent during the frames of consciousness in the particular physical plane in question. This state of consciousness referred to as the ‘physical’ or ‘active’ state of consciousness, is clearly distinct from the state of ‘subconsciousness’ pertinent to the ethereal body or the ‘soul’ comprising the totality of the all SELVES being animated in all the parallels. When we graduate to have a ‘crystalline light body,’ the distinction between the ethereal body representing the soul and the ‘aura’ becomes ambiguous, affording one to discern and remember the sojourns of all the parallels, and remain aware throughout the process of sequentially jumping from one plane to another. Note that even at this ‘subconscious’ level of consciousness, still the state of consciousness is of ‘discrete’ nature (as opposed to being fully ‘continuous’), as clearly a similar ‘torus effect’ exists for all the souls integrating to form an ‘oversoul.’

The mechanics of oversoul-souls consciousness dissemination, as is afforded by the ‘Engine of Life,’ in the analogy of ‘wheel (or carousel) of consciousness,’ is similar in nature to the case of soul-SELVES consciousness distribution, as distinctly there also exists a similar ‘dark period’ as the oversoul ‘sequentially’ propagates the light of consciousness to each soul on the carousel. In this respect, the state of ‘continuous’ consciousness is reserved for the Prime Creator who has an omnipotent conscious presence in all dimensions at all times. This state of consciousness is referred to as the state of ‘superconsciousness,’ a natural characteristic of the ‘spirit,’ which emanates from the very Prime Source of consciousness referred to as the ALL MIGHTY GOD. If our hearts stops beating, our ethereal body severs its ties with our physical body, rendering it ineffective to manifests itself in 3-D physicality. The ethereal body, therefore, remains only interfacing in antimatter, and can only have a ghost-like existence within physical matter. Although its consciousness still remains intact, for all practical purposes, it becomes completely stealth, without any evidence of thought energetics in matter whatsoever. After a specified interval of time, most likely, it will depart this plane of existence and embarks on animating physical bodies of other ‘SELVES’ (e.g., another 11) in the parallels. Under such circumstances, when a particular SELF passes on, the ethereal body sequentially jumps within and without the parallels, still conforming to the ‘torus effect’ of returning to a particular parallel within the 10-43 second darkening period associated with the Planck’s number. In this respect, therefore, the ethereal body continues as usual, sequentially animating other 11 bodies in the parallels, with the exception of ‘skipping’ the process of sequential jumping to the physical domain in question (the plane of existence within which one “dies”).

There are Levels I, II and III crystallinity, which resonate in higher dimensions. Recall that there are a total of 356 dimensions, 12 of which are within the physical realm (matter). After that, there is only antimatter. Heart chakra is the 4th chakra in physicality, and establishes our link in physicality through beating of the heart that also interfaces with our ethereal and intuitive existence as a system of micro cosmos operating within the macro cosmos and the neural network of God, our Prime Creator. The 7 chakras are encompassed within the 7 etheric bodies. The number of chakras increase to a total of 12+1 when crystalline. From there on, it increases to 96 (level I crystalline light body], 144 (level II crystallinity), and 240 (level III crystallinity). In this respect, our etheric energetic body expands as we grow in consciousness and light up like the Aurora Borealis.





Published in the December 2016 issue of the Eden Magazine:





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One thought on “Cosmos and the Human Energetic System – Part I: The Crystalline-Electric Cosmos By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.”

  1. What Paul says is true. Although I am not a scientist, I know there is a great energy sweeping through our Galaxy and moves through into the heart of our Sun and we can receive this into our own human hearts. And I have understood that the Black Holes are there receiving this energy and “cleans” it going through and spits it back out again to this Source.
    What is described as this Vortexia (cone shaped) of Layers of woven layers are actually shown in drawings and explained in the 1883 Oahspe Book and tells all about the 3 created physical, Atmospheric, Etheric layers. I do not know why i have been driven to know about the Etheric Universe I call it that anyway. Because of this curiosity I was led to type in the Search engine “Human Angelics and the Etheric plane” and thus found these articles by Paul.
    I am a 77 year old female Hypnotist and professional singer who has studied Metaphysics since age 10 living as a welfare brat in the slums of a big city. I have had some out of body experiences where I seem to be attending classes.
    Thank you,
    Janie Martin in Oregon


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