Cosmos and the Human Energetic System – Part III: The Inner Cosmos (Aura, Chakras, and Nadis) By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Cosmos and the Human Energetic System –

Part III: The Inner Cosmos (Aura, Chakras, and Nadis)

By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


Our energetic system, a structure for receiving, storing, and utilizing divine energies in order to animate us, as pertains to “chakras,” “aura” and “nadis,” is succinctly discussed. It is elaborated that analogous to our earth’s magnetosphere, our etheric light-body is encased or surrounded by an ovoid shell that is known as our aura. This is an electromagnetic geometric energy field complete with a canvas-like textile-embroidered pattern of horizontal and vertical circuitry of opposing currents that extends up to 15 feet everywhere surrounding us. In its most basic form in 3-D, it is composed of 7 auric layers (electromagnetic energetic fields), which increases to 20 layers when we obtain our full crystalline ‘light bodies.’ Each layer is separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes lined with opposing currents to form a durable sheath lamina. Our auric system receives and auto projects colorful charged light energy particulates, not unlike the Aurora Borealis. It is further elaborated that our energetic system is ‘optimal’ and ‘complete’ when it achieves crystallinity. Unfortunately, our aura commonly develops micro-cracks in its external layers, which can lead to leakage, thus giving rise to auric energetic depletion. A brief discussion of the phenomenon of ‘auric leakage’ is presented herein with further details being postponed for treatment in a companion paper. The relevance of the auric layers to our ‘etheric’ bodies is explicated. The mechanics of divine energy acceleration through chakras and its dissemination to our neural network system is expounded upon. It is elaborated that human chakras are, in essence, energetic particle accelerators that function as a double cone system that spin in a reverse conical format drawing energies ‘in’ and ‘out’ of our energetic points within the body. They all extend filaments that operate in a liquid-crystal (plasmic) phase, bifurcating and blossoming into tree-like branches of secondary and higher order chakras that comprise our nervous system. In their simplest form, our chakric system is composed of 7 energetic particle accelerators. When this frequencial resonance is ideally achieved, our chakras act as aligned nodal points in full scared circuitry, functioning as perfect helical intake and outtake receivers and transmitters, as perfect vortex centers, as optimal intra-dimensional conduits of connectivity. This gives rise to an optimal healthy human auric field, which is a prime example for the ‘etheric body’ composed of stealth matter that connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter.


Decades ago, only mystics believed that there is an energy field around all living beings. For almost five centuries, healers across the world have used the energy of their own bodies to help others heal, to detect events before they happen, and to transform physical matter. Now science has actually proven that myriads of such energetic fields exist around us. This field is yielding a rich base for diagnosing illness culminating in healing. Eastern medicine and most shamanic methods from the Western world are based on the concept of using one’s body energy to heal others. Science is only now showing how that these practices work in the physical reality, and that research reveals the potential of these long revered ancient practices. Every cell and organ, our entire body, generates energy fields. Every cell in our body pulses with electricity. The science of human energetics can be traced back to 1963, when scientists detected a bio-magnetic field around the human heart. In the 1970s, researchers used a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometer, an instrument for measuring magnetism, to confirm and measure the magnetic fields surrounding the human head produced by the brain activities. There are actually dozens, maybe even hundreds or thousands of layers or energy boundaries extending from our body. The most well-known energetic field around us is known as our ‘auric field.’

The Human Aura

Many believe that our auric field is the same as our electromagnetic field, a continually emerging and fluctuating field of energy produced by the electrical currents in our bodies. In fact, all living things, including humans, have such an energetic field, encompassing their physical bodies. There is an electromagnetic energy field surrounding us in an ovoid shaped geometrical domain extending as much as 15 feet everywhere about us with additional 2-3 feet above our head as well as below our feet. It expands as we grow in consciousness. Human beings have an auric energy that is electromagnetic. This field receives energy patterns and codes constantly through induction. Our auric system is quite complex, but in 3-D it only operates at its base level. The auric system receives and auto projects charged (ionic) energy particulates, which can illuminate us. Our aura is composed of matter and stealth matter, physical dense bio-molecular invisible matter, as well as connects into antimatter. Our aura is indeed, a constituent part of the fabric of the omnipotent crystalline electric cosmos that may be metaphorically envisioned as an electric blanket encompassing our physical body in matter.

Nowadays, the technique of Kirlian photography can be utilized to capture an image of our aura as well as those belonging to all other living things. Most images of the auric fields depict them as rippling bands of light. This is so because electromagnetic energy is light. The electromagnetic spectrum is really a band of different frequencies of radiating energy or light. Our auric field actually consists of different bands or layers. Each band has a different color and operates at a different frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum. There are initially 7 distinct etheric layers or ‘bodies’ that may be readily identified within our aura. These are referred to as the ‘Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Thought, Causal, Spiritual, and Crystalline Body’. We are born with all layers intact, but each becomes active at different points in our lives. Our auric bands become colored and tuned to a specific frequency throughout our life depending on our experiences. One can see through Kirlian photography that the band closest to our skin is red. When all auric layers fully light up the scenario resembles a light show much like the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). And, when fully crystalline, the optimal healthy human auric field constitutes our etheric body. However, in its simplest form in duality earth, as it is pertinent in animating a 3-D physical body, the 7 such laminated layers constitute our 7 bodies. The first layer, of course, represents our Physical Body. This is the part that we commonly associate ourselves with in physicality. The second is the Etheric Body that is the gateway to outside the physical 3-D (between 3-D and 4-D). After that, is the Emotional (or ‘Astral’) Body that resonates in the middle part of the 4-D. Then comes Thought, Causal, and Spiritual progressively resonating in the higher sub-planes of the 4-D from the middle to upper 4th dimension, and finally, the Crystalline Body, which depicts the inception to the 5-D or the proverbial heaven. Our crystalline-electric ethereal auric body can actually expand to a maximum of 20 layers.

The human aura is composed of stealth matter, and connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter in what is termed as the Parallel Dimensions of ‘Omni-Earth’ and the ‘Multiverse.’ It is quite complex. The auric system receives and automatically projects the charged energy particulates. Every physical being can generate this field. It expands as the biological human grows in consciousness. Yet the aura on its own is not the geometric Light Body.

If we look at a typical cross-section of our auric ‘skin’ we find a plate-like structure depicting a portion of the auric skin that is curvilinear conforming to an ovoid shape. These ovoid (egg-shaped) auric layers are separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes each lined with a textile weave of horizontal and vertical opposing currents and circuitry to form a durable sheath lamina. These lamina constitute the particular auric boundary layers or the ‘skin’ between our distinct ethereal bodies. Thus, our aura, as a composite fibrous medium, is a laminated structure composed of many layers with each layer consisting of a double sheet laminated membrane structure (skin) that separates the consecutive layers (etheric bodies) with intricate opposite circuitry of horizontal and vertical currents that run and permeate the plane of each separating lamina. And, these laminae are arranged in such a way that one membrane layer contains or promotes flow of crystalline-electric current in opposite direction to the other.  In particular, at the outer boundary, one membrane layer conducts the energy current ‘into,’ and the other, ‘out of’ the auric field. The human etheric body is optimal and healthy when the auric field is fully crystalline. When we expand in consciousness sufficiently, a next etheric layer activates, and our aura expands to take over this layer.

We constantly receive “life” energies from the outside, which primarily come to us via the energies emitted by our sun. Despite common notion that sun is a molten rock of energy lava, it is simply a gateway to other higher suns and, in turn, black and while holes that process the very matter to antimatter and vice versa. These energies are ultimately stored in the central galactic sun, Alcyone, which magnifies and disseminate them to other suns. Our sun, in turn, receives these solar energies in the form of a soup of charged ionic plasma and photons and disperses them within our solar system. Being only 3 planets away from our sun we happen to get a fairly good share of such energies. Furthermore, our main-stream scientists understand that the planet earth is also encased by an egg-shaped shell or an ovoid called the “magnetosphere,” which resembles our etheric light-body, and may be considered to be the aura of our planet. Thus, our planet earth also has her own ovoid Auric Field. It stretches from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere and around the equator encompassing the electromagnetic energies of our earth. This auric field of earth (the magnetosphere) helps deflect any harmful particles that may reach the earth’s atmosphere beyond the shielding layers of ionosphere and other protective energetic grids existing in the stratosphere.

Our aura describes our inner emotional standing. Each particular color in its constituent colorful spectrum of light energy represents a particular status of our mental and emotional energy. Our aura can expand or contract depending on how we maintain our energetic field. Usually negative thoughts and emotions are dissipative and joyful and inspiring thoughts and emotions are indications of high and healthy energetic status of our being. When the energetic of the body inside and outside aura become unbalanced, a pressure gradient develops within the auric body that can be quite distressing and leads to health problems. This differential pressure which acts across (transversal to) the auric skin induces a stretch in the plane of the auric skin, and if excessive, can develop microcracks in the auric skin. These microcracks can run in the plane of the auric skin along the edges of the auric lamina or in a diagonal direction within the plane of the auric skin. The cleavage or opening of such skin microcracks can culminate in energetic leakage. Thus, auric energetic depletion refers to a phenomenon that involves ‘auric skin microcracking,’ as a result of development of a pressure gradient between within and without its continuum leading to leakage and the diminishing of the extent of contained auric energies. And, when this does occur, it resembles the scenario involving depressurization within an airplane occurring as a result of the blow out of a door or a window of the airplane leading to equilibrating of the atmosphere within and without the airplane. Clearly, the situation exerts extreme discomfort. Therefore, it is very important that we maintain the integrity of our field. More details regarding the phenomenon of auric bleeding, its occurrence and methods of avoidance may be found in a companion paper. Suffice it to say here that it is the optimal health of the human auric field that gives rise to the advent of crystalline etheric body.

The Chakras

There are certain energy distribution points within our bodies that are called “chakras.” Our crystalline-electric aura functions interfaces with our physical body through our chakric system contained within its structure. And, chakras are, in essence, sophisticated energy thought particle accelerators. Our chakric system is the proverbial ‘tree of life’ with its main trunk lining along our spinal cord. The chakras bifurcate and blossom into tree-like branches of secondary and higher order chakras, giving rise to our nervous system.  In its simplest form, in 3-D physical duality, a total of 7 distinct ‘primary’ chakras may become activated or become operational. These correspond to different points of life energy distribution within our bodies. They all extend filaments that operate in a plasmic crystal phase. These 7 primary chakras are lined up along our spinal cord and are respectively from bottom to top: The Root, the Sex, the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Throat, the Pineal gland, and the Crown chakras. The Root chakra is located at our bottom, the Sex at our genital, the Solar Plexus about an inch over our belly button, the Pineal Gland between the two eyes towards the bottom of our brain, and the Crown at the top of our head-where we had a soft opening in our babyhood between the two distinct sides of our skull/brain. The Pineal Gland is usually called “the Third Eye,” or “the Seat of Soul,” which connects us to the ethereal and beyond the physical realm of existence. The chakras extend sensory filaments, which provide a means for DNA transference into sequential matter/dark matter/antimatter. This process occurs through a ‘to’ and ‘fro’ helical path with a conical spin. The 7 primary chakras can be progressively activated to 12 as our light quotient is increased. Expansion is an analogous process that has something of an induction domino effect. One light turns on the next. The primary longitudinal axial current is received through the 7th chakric vortex (the Crown) and reaches the Pituitary. From there on, it proceeds to induce secondary and tertiary currents at certain angles. The chakras are free to move about in a plasmic movement, yet constantly remain angularly oriented to the geometry and crystalline currents of the field.

When their number increases to a total of 12, our etheric body becomes crystallized. At this point, there is an additional chakra, which is activated that resides three feet above our head. This is the chakra that is the ‘gateway,’ which interfaces us with our divine higher consciousness SELF. The ‘lower chakras’ in physical form, relate to survival, sexuality and emotion. However, they are expanded in terms of functional frequency in the crystalline light body phase. Sexual polarity/gender does not exist in the higher celestial beings. Gender does occur in certain extra-terrestrial civilizations that exist in stealth (dark or invisible) matter and antimatter such as the Pleaidians and Sirians. However, it does not function in the same fashion in terms of survival as it is in the case of earthly humans. It is far less polar, and does not have the hard physical drive associated with human biology.

Remember that the constituent ‘conscious’ crystalline adamantine bio-plasmic light energy particles represent our thought energies, and thus, in this respect, our chakras are thought accelerators that animate and form our conscious beings. The structure of our chakric system can be simplified by considering a pair of ‘inverted’ conical ‘funnels,’ with their apexes meeting at each of our chakras. Thus, the human chakric system is composed of a double coned shape that respectively receives and transmits energy particles within its structure. The structure and functioning of the chakra closely resembles the cones seen in transmission electron micrographs when the retina cells are observed under the light microscope (strictly speaking, those portions that are outside of the outer limiting “membrane” of the retina). Each chakric site is the domicile domain of a fairly large cell that is “polarized” in the sense that it has distinctly different architecture and function at each end. The outermost portion of the cell is a highly modified cilium, greatly expanded in size, and consisting of a stack of numerous light-sensitive folds of membrane material. The stacked lamellae of the outer limiting “membrane” of the cell are the actual sites for transduction of light energy into neuronal signals. They are, in essence, exceptionally specialized bipolar neurons, with certain developed structural features to carry out this task. The mechanism by which light energy is converted to neuronal signals is fascinating. The cones are wavelength specific that respond to color within the light spectrum. These cones require higher levels of light to generate signals, and thus, the light energy is first accelerated via the light particles entering the cones and subtending conical dynamics in order to enhance the light velocity leading to light acceleration. What is shown in the picture is actually only part of the cells, the outer segment of each type. This image, which is based on detailed reconstructions from transmission electron micrographs, clearly shows the origin of the name “cone.” The outer segments drawn here, are connected by a narrow “waist” or constriction to the inner segment of the cell. Both outer and inner segments are physically isolated from the cell body of the cone cell by the outer limiting “membrane,” and the actual cell body is located in the outer nuclear layer. The image shown in the transmission electron micrograph, depicts the “waist” between the inner and outer segments. The light sensitive lamellae of the outer segments are obvious, as is the narrow constriction. Note that in the constriction itself, there is an actual modified cilium, complete with basal body and ciliary rootlets. This remarkable structure is proof that the outer segment is really a highly modified cilium, and that the membranous lamellae are extensive ramifications of its plasma membrane. The modification of cilia to perform sensory functions is a prime example of a highly-specialized neuron with greatly-modified cilia devoted to perception rather than fluid movement.

The mechanics of the energy particulate that flow ‘into’ and ‘out of’ each chakras closely follows the ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ ‘Screw Rules,’ respectively. And, the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Hand Screw Rules in mechanics describe the tendency for the propensity of a cork screw for either penetrating the cork (entering the bottle), or ‘pulling out’ the cork when opening a wine bottle. As an energy particle enters the top conical structure, it resembles a body on a roller skate, if you will, that rotates in a clockwise manner, entering and gaining speed progressively as it subtends a motion around a conical path toward the bottom of the conical ‘funnel.’ Therefore, the particle accelerates and has its highest momentum as it reaches each chakra. From there on, most of the energy particles branch off and ‘feed’ the secondary and tertiary and higher order branches of each primary chakra. The residual energy particulates, on the other hand, continue with their conical dynamics passing through each chakric point. When reaching the other side (the inverted cone), their motion now constitutes a counterclockwise sense of direction, thus abiding with the ‘Right Screw Rule’ by exiting the inverted cone. Further on, the energy particulates enter the conical structure of the subsequent chakra situated next in the row along the spinal cords. And, the process continues on and so forth. Notice, that each chakra is, in essence, a vortex that interfaces with the divine light energy particulates it receives, and in turn, accelerates each thought energy form, and also acts as a transmitter. Our energetic system closely interfaces with our divine endocrine system. The primary endocrine glands of Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, and Hypothalamus, in particular, play a significant role in our conscious thought processing and creatorship. Each thought form is a creator, with the mind being its ‘builder.’

 The Energetic Streams or Channels

Apart from the chakras, the human energetic body is also composed of a network of subtle channels or streams which are known as “nadi” through which the energy (prana) circulates. There are at least 14 well-known nadis within our aura. The most significant of these are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. These are usually referred to as the main three nadis. Sushumna is the central straight stream or channel. It is through Sushumna that the energy travels and reaches the Crown chakra, the highest energetic point particle accelerator residing at the top of the head.  The Ida and the Pingala, on the other hand are curved channels that loop around the central Sushumna nadi. The Root chakra is the starting meeting point of these three main streams or nadis, what is commonly referred to as the “combined three streams.” Starting from the Root chakra, the Ida and Pingala then alternate from right to left at each chakra situated along the path of the Sushumna in the spinal cord until they reach the Pineal (the Third Eye).There, they meet again with Sushumna, culminating in what is usually referred to as the “liberated thee streams.” The right nadi Pingala is red, masculine, hot, and represents the sun. It initiates from the Root chakra and ends in the right nostril. The left nadi Ida is white, feminine, and cold, and represents the moon. It initiates from the Root chakra and ends in the left nostril. Continuing beyond the pineal, the Ida and the Pingala continue on separately, ending in the left and right nostrils respectively. When the vital energies of the opposite forces circulating in the Ida and Pingala are unified, the Sushumna energizes the seven chakras.

Published in the February 2017 issue of the Eden Magazine:


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