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Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science that was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in 1980’s. Dr. Sarfarazi’s PhD thesis entitled “A Micromechanical Constitutive Modeling of Brittle Crystalline Solids,” is an abstract theory marrying the qualitative experimental account of Material Science and the advanced quantitative theoretical mathematical modeling of Continuum Mechanics.  The tensorial formulation employs only a single constant referred to as the “Coefficient of Microcrack Nucleation,” which is completely verifiable through experimentation, incorporating fundamental parameters defining the geometrical configuration of the crystalline structure, as well as relevant material properties. Several articles were extracted from the thesis and were published and archived in the International ‘Journal of Fracture Mechanics’ (see links at the end of this introduction). As a result, the field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’

But, the author soon stopped pursuing a further career in such research after engaging in research and teaching at such higher research and educational institutions as George Washington University, University of Maryland, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory, Atlantic Research Corporation, Institute of Paper Science and Technology of the Georgia Institute of Technology, etc.  The author came to the intuitive understanding that ‘we contain the knowledge of ALL THERE IS within us’ and that ‘we can discover, and we can invent; but ALL THAT CAN BE CREATED FROM ABSTRACT already exists.’ Furthermore, his direct observations of life as exemplified by recognition of ego, vanity, lust, selfishness, service to self, materialism, glitter, greed, avaricious pursuit of futile ‘wants’ and ‘needs,’ apathy, prejudice, distasteful sexual practices, misogyny, male chauvinism, conflict, war, etc., as are commonly practiced on Earth, clearly encouraged the author to self-reflect and seek a more meaningful, pursuit in life, which lead the author to spiritualism, and the strive to find the real purpose for existence that culminated in his research pursuit and works in such more profound subjects as Creation, Consciousness and Conscious (Sentient) Vibration, Mechanics-Physics of Cosmos, Interdimensional Physics, Human Energetics, Human Physiology and Genetics, Humanity, Psychology, and such. And, the author soon realized that his dedicated education in Science, and in particular, his unprecedented strive and focus for mastery in such subjects as Mechanics, Physics, Materials Science, with particular emphasis in Vibration Mechanics of Matter, with personal interest in Quantum Mechanics-Physics,  Human Behavior, Humanity, Psychology and such, have been indeed, highly purposeful, or ordained in eventually providing SERVICE to God and humanity on Earth now. Thus, the author diligently embarked on a quest to comprehend the ramification of ego on human’s integrity, realizing that ego-based ambition is not virtuous but destructive, as are anger and fear. Furthermore, the inter-relation between positive thinking and defeating the Dark was well understood.

Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is the president of the Institute of Spiritual Science, a lightworker, empath, ‘spiritual scientist,’ speaker, and the author of many articles and scientific papers on variety of topics reflecting the true connection between the Science of Spirituality and the mainstream science (see links to blogs listed below). The author is highly ‘attuned’ with the realm of divine and higher consciousness, a messenger, and in SERVICE to God and humanity, with the underlying mission to raise consciousness of humanity. It is hoped that through publication of these articles together with instructional videos, books, and by appearing and giving lectures in myriad of international conferences, symposiums, and spiritual retreats, eventually a ‘bridge’ is created between the two disciplines of metaphysics and mainstream sciences, uniting the mind and the heart, leading to a unifying high frequency collective (unity) consciousness for humanity.

It is time for ALL to wake up from slumber NOW. This is the time of ascension. It is a new Golden Era. It is time for humankind to awaken from amnesia and start to remember. It is time to be, once again, multidimensional, and welcome the new consciousness that the accelerating Light and the speeding time is bringing us via raising vibration frequency in order to be able to resonate with the higher frequency of vibrations of the higher dimensions and achieve Ascension.

Dr. Sarfarazi’s efforts are done in respect and appreciation for the Almighty’s directives, the ‘Divine Plan’ for humanity, and is done solely in SERVICE to God and the humankind.

With Unconditional Love









Multidimensional Consciousness (changed by Facebook to reflect the name of the author)


Institute of Spiritual Science



Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi on Multidimensional Consciousness

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi on Mechanics of Cosmos

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi on Human Energetics, Genetics and Physiology

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi on Humanity, Spirituality, and Psychology

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi on Urantia


To obtain a copy of Dr. Sarfarazi’s thesis use the following link:


To obtain the papers extracted from Dr. Sarfarazi’s thesis published in the international journal of Engineering Fracture Mechanics use the following links:

An overview of the constitutive behavior of crystalline solidsVolume 31, Issue 6, 1988, Pages 1035-1046

On the micromechanical theories of stress-induced cleavage microcracking in crystalline solids, Volume 27, Issue 2, 1987, Pages 215-230

Microfracture in polycrystalline solids, Volume 27, Issue 3, 1987, Pages 257-267

A micromechanical model of microcracking for brittle polycrystalline solids, Volume 32, Issue 1, 1989, Pages 1-20

Micromechanical evaluation of microplastic strains prior to microfracture in polycrystalline solids, Volume 33, Issue 1, 1989, Pages 21-35


Refer to the following links to see sample’s of Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi’s earlier works:


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      1. Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi – I would love to share some of your work with the world. The information you have put together as well as your personal input have done much to awaken me. Thank you for that. I would truly love it if you gave me a written approval to share your material, you will receive all of the credit. I simply believe this information is very important and it compliments what I am already teaching. Please contact me at wesmcnair21@gmail.com


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