All the materials you see here before you and posted elsewhere have been the result of painstaking efforts put forward in utter good faith.These materials have been prepared by the author Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi with utmost love and light – with utter peace in mind. There are no agendas behind preparation of this “labor of love” effort but to disseminate Light as to serve as a beacon of light to those who are becoming progressively more and more enlightened.

The bulk of materials presented herein, which serve as the beliefs of the author, have been obtained with concerted efforts as a result of 40 plus years of experience in higher education research and teaching as well as countless hours of reading and relating to the words of higher- consciousness galactic beings as well as archangels, ascended masters, and other deities, as well as numerous hours of inspiration afforded by meditation and self-reflection and Channelling and communication with the super-consciousness continuum.

Please read and enjoy but only with discernment. If you cannot fully comprehend what is being said, do not hesitate to seek further explanation. And, if you do not resonate with the content of what is being presented, simply move on. You may come to believe in what is said soon, and you may be intuitively guided to “allow” and accept what is believed to be the truth of the universe and existence. If you feel skeptical you are definitely entitled to your opinions and beliefs at this time as you are given the gift of free will to discern, believe, and do whatever comes natural to you.

Please do not act with anger and try to “shoot the messenger” so to speak. The author gains nothing from his selfless hard work if it upsets you. It is not meant as such nor is intended it to be a “pissing fight” for supremacy and grandeur. So park your ego aside, abstain from arrogance, delusional self-pride, and avoid any act of belligerence and insolence as it is all done in good faith to inspire and enlighten you and to accentuate your feeling of self-security, confidence and self-love.

Anger does not achieve anything productive, and its overall damage will be felt by yourself above all, leading to diminishing your natural frequency of vibration or light quotient, which are known to be the measure for your consciousness level. So in this regard, anger utterly defeats the purpose of this spiritual guiding effort that is to entice enlightenment and self-love in you in a most humble manner. Namaste.

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


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